Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

IMG_4460Who said that one-piece swimsuits can’t be sexy? Basically, everyone, am I right? I mean until this year I’d have to say that I agreed with them. This was especially true for plus-size swimwear. We were used to having limited options that often included swim dresses and other designs that focused on covering as much skin as possible. That, however, is no longer the sole purpose of one-piece swimsuits. We now get options with cut-outs, mesh, lots of cleavage, and really sexy details, so be sure to click through to see them all. Continue reading “Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits”

My Swim Body

IMG_3632Here’s the thing. Despite what the media and society have been telling us for years, we all have a perfect swim body. Yep, it’s true!  Continue reading “My Swim Body”

Pinup Bikini Vibes


This year my two favourite bikinis, or fatkinis if you prefer, are both a very similar style but from two different designers and in two different colours. This summer I am in love with the pin-up vibes these high-waist bottoms and tie-up halter style tops are giving off. They both offer a lot of coverage without making me feel like I am hiding my body. Both options make me feel incredibly sexy and like I never want to leave the pool. Continue reading “Pinup Bikini Vibes”

Come Sail Away!


Once you stop worrying about what is flattering to your body type, a whole world of fashion options opens up to you. For example, this sailor trend certainly calls my ability to wear horizontal stripes as a fat woman into question. I’m also stepping it up a notch by wearing a strapless bikini, a practically daredevil level of challenge when it comes to most straight-size focused brands. But this one is different and I think I’ve finally discovered the secret to successfully navigating a strapless swimsuit as a plus size woman. Continue reading “Come Sail Away!”

Ultra Sexy Unbound Gift Box


This post is for adults only as I will be discussing sex toys and other kinky things. The Unbound Subscription Box is filled with tons of sexy surprises and I had the chance to try out their Delta Box recently and want to tell you about it. Plus, I have a special discount code below for you to get 30% off from Unbound. I love good packaging and that is the first thing I noticed about the Unbound Gift Box. The outer shipping box is discrete with no obvious labels, but the inner gift box is beautifully wrapped with a ribbon. The glossy black is perfect for my preferred aesthetic and I will absolutely be able to re-use the box itself to gift someone else something gorgeous or to store secret treasures of my own. Continue reading “Ultra Sexy Unbound Gift Box”

Ashley Graham for AdditionElle

MsLindsayM, body positive blogger and curvy lingerie influencer working with Samantha of Crave Boudoir while wearing Curvy Kate, Ms Pomelo and AdditionElle.

My first ever properly fitting bra was this cage bra from the Ashley Graham collection by AdditionElle. I went into their stores early in my body positive journey but committed to finding sizes that would work for me. I asked the sales associate to give me a proper bra fitting and she told me that I was a 36DD. Lucky, because that is the smallest size they stock and it fit perfectly. They had an amazing sale on and so I was able to get a discount on the bra and a pair of panties to match for next to nothing. I loved the quality of both! Continue reading “Ashley Graham for AdditionElle”

Becoming Perfectly Body Positive

IMG_0606Is there really such a thing as perfect body positivity? I think so but that is because my definition of perfect has changed. For me, perfect is no longer defined by society, it is something I define for myself. So even though I have bad body image days I consider myself perfectly body positive simply because this path is perfect for me. What it absolutely does not mean is waiting until you think your body is perfect to love yourself. Loving yourself starts where you are now, not where you may end up by chance or where you want to be one day with effort. Admittedly there is no such thing as an easy guide to body positivity, however, I do believe there are some tricks and tips that can help you on your journey to radical self-love. Since it is your unique journey you will want to pick and choose the tips that work best for you. Here are 8 tips that work for me; Continue reading “Becoming Perfectly Body Positive”

Fatshion I Fancy: Society+

IMG_0150I’ve decided to start a new blog series, inspired by all of the online shopping carts I fill up with “Fatshion I Fancy” and never actually get to purchase for a variety of reasons. These are the items that I would own if I had an unlimited budget, the things I would own if the exchange rate and taxes I endure as a Canadian didn’t make everything at least 25% more expensive, and the things I would own if they were still available in my size. My goal is to stick to brands that I have at least some experience with so that I can speak to their fit and quality and link to previous posts where I did full reviews. As with all of my blog writing, I will be sure to include at least some body positive commentary in these articles as well. So let’s kick things off with Society+ since I am currently crushing on so many items from their summer collection. So many maxi skirts and almost all of them have pockets! Continue reading “Fatshion I Fancy: Society+”

Backpacks & Basics


Recently, one of my favourite bloggers, Zoe from IKIWN, made a post about the tiny backpack trend, and a few other SS16 trends that seemed to come straight out of the 90s. I commented that I was pretty sure I liked everything except the backpacks, Zoe lovingly replied that she enjoyed the nostalgia of the trend and that’s when it started to sink in for me. I thought about my resistance to a lot of trends from the 90s and suddenly it hit me full force. The last time these fashion trends were in, I was in elementary school, extremely insecure about my body, and barely fitting into the clothes in the youth section. As a result, I couldn’t participate in wearing the most fashion forward items simply because I was already shopping at the adult stores that understandably offered a different aesthetic. However, in many cases, I just didn’t want to wear certain trends because so much of it seemed to call attention to a body that I desperately wanted to hide. Continue reading “Backpacks & Basics”

Embracing Body Love with MBLM


I’m often asked by other women, and sometimes men, about how I became so self-confident and body positive. Before I got here, I used to wonder the same thing about other women. We are all looking for inspiration and guidance because this is new territory for so many of us. I always have three main answers; selfies, sizing, and surroundings. By surroundings, I mean that you should try to surround yourself with other body positive people, even if you are only able to do so when you are online. It will also really help your body positive journey to have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love to wear, make you feel good, and that fit perfectly. Since wearing clothes that fit well and that are your style can make you feel confident, they also tend to make you look great. Continue reading “Embracing Body Love with MBLM”