Third Annual Fat Activism Conference


I had the pleasure of gaining access to the Third Annual Fat Activism Conference, a digital sharing of knowledge and empowerment. The first day was a short introduction to a very long weekend that was jam-packed with a diverse group of speakers. Kicking off the Friday evening was Dianne Bondy talking about Mindfulness, Body Equity, and Radical Self-Acceptance. As a fan of yoga and not just the asana practice but also mindfulness and self-reflection practices, I loved how Dianne talked about how much of the yoga community has also begun to embrace body acceptance. She described how yoga can actually help you learn to love your body by focusing on what it can do instead of how it looks. Her support of social media as an activist tool reminds me a lot of some of the things I’ve said about #SelfiesForSelfLove. I loved her critical analysis of the term body positivity, recognizing how often it is co-opted and used to sell us something, which is of course, very problematic. She also talked about how body positivity and fat acceptance are not always the same thing and how the latter is responsible for the current movement. Dianne addressed the concepts of thin privilege and fat phobia and addressed people’s defensiveness around these conversations. She talked indirectly about how size is a human rights issue and how people of size actually face real barriers, including to accessing health care, employment, and travel. Continue reading “Third Annual Fat Activism Conference”

Goodbye Body Positivity, Hello Fat Activism


I’m writing this post, that started with a tweet and turned into a shift in my mission. The tweet I wrote was “Body Positivity is to Fat Activism what Humanism is to Feminism. One is for “everyone” and the other recognizes that oppression exists. #fatactivism”. I’m tired of pretending like it is an equal playing field, to begin with, and I am especially tired of the “*all bodies” comments on my Instagram posts that take two seconds to celebrate fat bodies. Yes, all bodies  deserve to be loved by their owners but fat bodies, bodies with disabilities, queer and trans bodies, and bodies of colour are the ones lacking representation. It is easy to find images of thin, able-bodied, white, straight people in the media, in ads, everywhere. We are even starting to see inbetweener and curvy bodies, but still only if they are straight, white, and able-bodied. So please allow me to focus on the bodies we aren’t used to seeing in a small, but ultimately feeble attempt to even out the playing field. Continue reading “Goodbye Body Positivity, Hello Fat Activism”

Simple Maxis: From Summer to Fall


I’ve talked about the importance of building a wardrobe that not only fits but that you absolutely love when you are working on loving your body. If you are like me, that meant pretty much starting from scratch after I finally ditched all the endless leggings and empire waist tunics. It took a fair amount of time and a little bit of money, so I definitely came to rely on being able to get basic items at a reasonable cost. Using those basics I have learned to change up the way I accessories to create entirely different outfits. Continue reading “Simple Maxis: From Summer to Fall”

2016: The Summer of Swimwear


When I confidently walk from my condo building towards the outdoor pool it is almost hard to believe that last summer I only owned one bathing suit. That suit was a full coverage one-piece in that swim-dress style that is basically reserved for fat girls. You know the type that tries to minimize your waist and covers down to your mid-thigh. Of course, once it gets wet it shows all the so called “flaws” we are trying to hide. Continue reading “2016: The Summer of Swimwear”

eShakti Garden Party


I know that some of my followers have been looking for customized fashion options and I also know that this post is exactly what they are looking for. I am going to tell you about a brand that offers a size range of 0-36 but that will also allow you to customize almost anything you want about the design. From the length, I’ve got your back shorter women, to shoulder width, I used to be on a swim team, it can be changed to suit your body and your preference. Find out how to get free customization and 10% off after the jump. Continue reading “eShakti Garden Party”

Curvy Sense Collection Launch


Wow! I am so impressed with the new plus-size brand, Curvy Sense. When they first popped onto the scene I was skeptical that they could offer the quality I desired at the prices they were promising. I felt there had to be a catch, something didn’t feel right. For once, though it wasn’t too good to be true. I’ve tried out a bunch of their collection and I have the full review for you after the jump. Continue reading “Curvy Sense Collection Launch”

Luxury Lingerie from Impish Lee


Without a doubt, this is the most luxurious lingerie I have ever owned. The material and the construction simply cannot be compared to any other brand on the market. Where else besides Impish Lee, can you get custom designed and perfectly fitting lingerie? It’s an experience unlike any other and I’m so pleased with the results, I wrote a post about! Continue reading “Luxury Lingerie from Impish Lee”

Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

IMG_4460Who said that one-piece swimsuits can’t be sexy? Basically, everyone, am I right? I mean until this year I’d have to say that I agreed with them. This was especially true for plus-size swimwear. We were used to having limited options that often included swim dresses and other designs that focused on covering as much skin as possible. That, however, is no longer the sole purpose of one-piece swimsuits. We now get options with cut-outs, mesh, lots of cleavage, and really sexy details, so be sure to click through to see them all. Continue reading “Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits”

My Swim Body

IMG_3632Here’s the thing. Despite what the media and society have been telling us for years, we all have a perfect swim body. Yep, it’s true!  Continue reading “My Swim Body”

Pinup Bikini Vibes


This year my two favourite bikinis, or fatkinis if you prefer, are both a very similar style but from two different designers and in two different colours. This summer I am in love with the pin-up vibes these high-waist bottoms and tie-up halter style tops are giving off. They both offer a lot of coverage without making me feel like I am hiding my body. Both options make me feel incredibly sexy and like I never want to leave the pool. Continue reading “Pinup Bikini Vibes”