Algorithm Antics

6d9317_a7575584c43c43039964756b6a3e3b8cInstagram went ahead and changed how your newsfeed is populated, in case you haven’t already heard. In theory, Instagram will claim this will make your newsfeed more interesting and personalized to you. In reality, it means that the posts that other people have already deemed popular will be at the top of the newsfeed and those that are less popular will be at the bottom or they may not show up at all. As you can see, the impact multiplies as time goes on. This will have little to no impact on the most popular and often the celebrity or brand based pages, but it will impact bloggers and indie brands. Instagram now offers sponsored ads so that even if those major brands do feel any impact of the new algorithm, they can simply pay to gain back their lost viewers. The same is simply not true for many bloggers and small brands, the budget just isn’t there.

On a personal level, I have already started to notice a difference. I am used to easily averaging 100 new followers a day, I’d say that has cut in half since the changes. Photos that used to get between 500-1000 likes are now stalling around 450 likes, those that would get 250 are barely clearing 100 likes total. The content I have been posting has remained the same, or in some cases, been more exciting than normal, for example, giveaways and contest announcements. I have also continued to use many of the same hashtags, with a few new and popular deviations here and there. So I would like to ask those of you dedicated to following me to consider some of the following options; turn on post notifications, sign up for my newsletter via (if you do you will be entered in a free book draw),  make sure you follow me on Twitter (@LindzMcAllister over there), and check me out on Snapchat (@mslindsaymarie) so you can still see when I update both my blog and Instagram. It will also help if you comment on and like my photos often so that the algorithm considers it content you find interesting. Finally, please use the hashtag #SelfiesForSelfLove on all of your beautiful body positive photos, so that I don’t miss your posts, as I am constantly scanning that search page.

Speaking of the @SelfiesForSelfLove page, it was created because of the appreciation I have for social media’s ability to allow us to create and control the images we see around us. Instagram’s new algorithm based newsfeeds are making that harder for us to do. We are no longer in control of what and when images are shown in our newsfeed or who is seeing our own posts. I firmly believe that Instagram should at the very least allow us each an individual option to either use the new newsfeed or to keep it chronological. I have heard this may be the case but I’m not seeing the evidence and if everyone doesn’t do the same, posts will be missed. I have already noticed several photos that were not shown in my newsfeed, even photos posted by @SelfiesForSelfLove, which as you all know is a page I created and now co-admin with Lynette of @xoxo_lynette on Instagram. While we can still ensure diversity in the images that you post we can no longer guarantee it in what you see in your feed so be sure to click through to the page for recent posts and consider turning on the post notifications, please.

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