Simple Skincare

IMG_6061I absolutely love these Simple Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes, they are my favourite product of the three in this line, all of which are included in this blog post. They are effective at removing makeup and have a tiny refreshing tingle without getting to the point that it irritates the skin as sometimes happens with other wipes. I love that they are good for sensitive skin and are extra soft to the touch as a result. I really love using wipes like these for before bed because I am pretty lazy and there is no need to rinse after. In fact, I can keep them in my living room and use them right from my couch. They don’t dry out the skin at all and they smell clean, almost completely scent free. Perfect for plane travel since it is one less liquid I have to deal with at security.

I also love the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. I love that it is a simple way to ensure all of the makeup is removed from my face without any harsh chemicals or additional scents that the product just doesn’t need in order to function. I’m very lazy about my makeup removal so this product and a few cotton pads is a great combination for me. I love that you don’t need to use water after, so it really is one easy step. I think ideally I would use this product in the morning and the wipes at night since the wipes are slightly better at removing eye make-up. However, this product is much more cost effective given you can easily get 100 uses out of the bottle whereas there are 25 wipes in a package for approximately the same price.

While I really loved both cleansers in this line, I just don’t think this Simple moisturizer is perfect for me to use all year round, given my skin type and age. It will be good for light hydration during the summer months on warm days when I want a lighter product and don’t need a ton of extra moisture. It is a lightweight lotion, but I am used to using oils, serums, and heavy night creams. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with the moisturizer itself, it just isn’t my first choice for a product. If you have sensitive skin and want a product with no added scents, though, this one will be great for you!

I received these three Simple Skincare products for free through Chick Advisor but I am committed to providing an honest review of any product I try, regardless of the source.

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