Self Care with Joe Scrub

6d9317_9930948f1d9543768b82b63cf624f567Self-care is so important, this really cannot be overstated. As a person whose day job is in the helping field, this is particularly important. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself” because it is true. Self-care can take on many forms, from yoga, hot bubble baths and body scrubs to running, volunteering and cuddling puppies. The action itself is defined by you and only you, the only thing that matters is that you take the time to take care of yourself on a regular basis. I really find the process of an exfoliating body and face scrub, cleansing shower and then moisturizing oil session is a good way for me to take a 20-minute break from the day. Joe Scrub is kind of perfect for this because it recommends that you leave the scrub on for 5-10 minutes for best results. I find this time is perfect for a bit of an unofficial mediation. I think a lot of people think meditation needs to occur on a yoga mat or while sitting alone on the ground in a small room. All that meditation needs to be is you clearing your mind of thoughts, which I do by focusing on one mantra expressing my intention for the day or coming week. The simplest thing I ever meditate on is one word, usually something along the lines of Peace or Serenity. Repeating the word anytime my mind wanders. You can also download guided meditations that are really helpful, especially when you are first giving meditation a try. Let me know in the comments, what works best for you.

When I got a chance to try the products, I started with the Joe Scrub matcha blend, because it seemed really well suited for my skin type. Here are some of the benefits that are described on the package; diminishes toxins, reduces premature skin aging, treating acne, alleviating psoriasis and eczema, fading scars and discoloured skin, exfoliating dead skin and protecting against free radicals. The one with coffee and chocolate will temporarily firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite if that is something that you worry about. Amazing right? Well let me tell you, it really works as it is described! Plus, these products are all 100% natural and handmade in Toronto, Ontario and they are not only cruelty-free but vegan as well. The photo of me above is right after a Joe Scrub, face make-up and filter free. Yes, I did my brows and I have some mascara on but I am not wearing any moisturizer, BB cream, foundation, concealer, powder or blush, none at all! That is the power of this amazing product! Proof that you absolutely do not need makeup to be beautiful, but never forget that if you choose to wear it, that is also valid.

I absolutely love the natural scrubbing effects of the sugar in this product and the fact that it actually left my lips tasting sweet was pretty cool as well. Don’t forget, when you use products on your face you should continue down your neck and onto your chest with the product. Those areas see the sun as often as your face and hands and therefore need special care. The product smelled fresh and clean. I like a scrub that feels like it is working and this does that, but as a result, you absolutely cannot use this every day. This type of scrub should be used 2-3 times a week max in order to avoid stripping the skin. Plus, it is so effective, you would just be wasting product after the first use. The problem is, it feels so good, you will be tempted to cheat this rule. After using Joe Scrub I felt that my skin was already moisturized from the shea butter and I didn’t put on my usual oil before bed. My nose was visibly clear of any blackheads and my skin felt much softer to the touch. My skin had the gorgeous glow that usually only happens after a professional facial at a spa, as you can see above. I’m hesitant to even say this because it seems almost too good to be true, but I swear this scrub made my skin look more firm and tight than it did before my first use.

My experience with both the full body coffee scrub and the charcoal based face scrub were just as amazing, but I think because I tried the matcha blend first, it holds a soft spot in my heart. I’ll be honest, the Joe Scrub coffee blend is messy. So when the bag recommends you do it in the tub or shower, you should do as it recommends. However, it is absolutely worth the mess and once you turn on the shower it all cleans away quite easily. I did try the coffee scrub on both my face and my body but I realized I prefer the face specific scrubs for that area. The coffee scrub is amazing for the whole body and it left my skin exfoliated, smooth and moisturized. It smells like fresh coffee and yummy chocolate combined. I got the travel pack size but I highly recommend you just go for it and get the large size. Costs are totally reasonable but the travel pack is only enough for about 3 full body scrubs in my opinion. The charcoal face scrub is ideal for anyone with oily, combination or acne-prone skin. For me, this product will be best in the summer but it is still great this time of year as well. Very similar to the matcha based facial scrub in its results. Overall, in terms of talking about all three products, I am a huge fan and I absolutely plan to purchase more of these scrubs in the future.

Do you want to try Joe Scrub? Of course you do! Well Joe is offering readers of this blog and my social media followers a chance to win one 50g bag of scrub. This giveaway is open to anyone over 18 years old, living in North America. All you have to do to enter is head to my Instagram page and comment on one of the posts about Joe Scrub. Tag 2 friends who could also use a chance to win some self-care supplies. Contest runs from April 2nd to April 3rd, the winner will be announced on April 4th both here and on my Instagram page. Get bonus entries by commenting below with your Instagram username and/or by sharing the contest photo and tagging both hosts. Head to the Joe Scrub page now to sign up for their mailing list and get 25% off your first order with them.

Joe Scrub provided me with samples of all three products described in this review as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate quality these items to my readers and followers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion on this blog and on all of my social media pages. You can see more about my blog review policy here. If you are interested in seeing my wishlist, click here, please.

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