Body Positive Babes & Survivors

6d9317_8cfd8322f5a84a79b66b413e245e9484I want to write the book that I needed 10 years ago. I want to write the book that could have easily saved me years of struggling through recovery from both a sexual assault and anorexia. I want to write the book that could do that for someone else. It is not that I wasn’t already anorexic when I was sexually assaulted, but it is that the violence fuelled my disorder. Rape made me feel like I had no control over my body, whereas anorexia and bulimia made me believe that I had complete control over my body. It is a such a common phenomenon and I want to find the women whose experience is similar to my own. Actually, I want to find people who have had the same experience as me, people who have survived both sexual violence (either assault or abuse, as an adult and/or as a child) and an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, etc). Are you that person? Or maybe you have a best friend, sister or colleague who can relate? I’d love to hear from you at to discuss the possibility of joining me in creating an anthology of stories from people like us. For more information, please contact me with a bit of your story and links to your writing online. No experience required but submissions will be accepted based on their content and style.

The only requirements are that you be a survivor of sexual violence, that you have recovered or be in recovery from an eating disorder, and that you be willing to share your story publicly. You need to be willing to include a short bio and a photo of yourself to be included in the final publication of the book. To be clear, there are no other requirements. You do not need to have received formal treatment for your eating disorder. You do not need to have reported your sexual assault. Special priority will go to ensuring a diverse collection of voices. I most want to hear from; Indigenous people, people of colour, trans people, asexual people, gender non-conforming people, people with differing abilities, queer people, plus size people and people who could not afford to access treatment. Tell me how being a survivor of sexual violence impacted your experience with eating disorders. Tell me how recovering from both experiences led you to a body positive life. Tell me how your body positivity has further helped you to heal from the sexual violence in your life. Tell me your story, however, it best fits. Your journey may be exactly what someone else needs to read, to start their own road to recovery.

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