Big Tights, Best Tights

6d9317_f3c7def20bda452ebf9b6331b2655c55Many of you know that my body positivity journey started with me following @FullerFigureFullerBust, @HonorCurves, and @BodyPosiPanda. So when one of the lines I learned about from Georgina sent me some Prague Lady Lace Hold UpsAll Woman Lace Hold Ups and Seamless Knickers to review, I could not have been more excited. Big Tights actually features George on some of their packaging as she is their main model, their muse if you will. Well, I can absolutely see why she is so willing to support and promote the company. These are easily the most comfortable and yet functional undergarments that I have ever worn. If you haven’t already tried them for yourself, I highly recommend them for your next lingerie purchase. I know that I will never purchase tights from another brand after having the opportunity to try these. I’m already hoping to get my hands on their new All Woman Lace Edged Vest and Knickers Set next because I am so pleased with the items I already own. Plus, they have really affordable international standard shipping rates and reasonable speeds. Let me know in the comments, which item or items you most want to try from Big Tights. I also want to know whether you prefer high waisted undies, traditional bikini cuts, thongs or shorts? Personally, I prefer the feel of high-waisted undies but I think there is something very sexy about the cut of a classic bikini.

You may recall from an earlier post that I had previously assumed I could not wear thigh high tights as a plus size woman, but was proven wrong at my boudoir photo shoot. Well, I have to admit that when I wore those same tights and garter belt out in public, under a dress, they were a lot less than functional. It wasn’t 30 minutes into my event before I wanted to take them off. Big Tights is a total game changer when it comes to this, even without a garter belt, these babies stayed exactly where they were supposed to. I wore them all day long and almost never had to adjust them, I never wished I could take them off. They are lined with two slightly sticky silicone strips inside of the welts that make sure the tights stay perfectly in place. The double silicone band strips are thicker than on my tights from a different brand and I think that is a huge reason why these stay where they are meant to and don’t end up sliding down your legs as you walk around.

In fact, I love how high up these stockings come, because they also protect me from any chub rub I might otherwise experience. These are high-quality tights and if you hold them next to another brand, you can see and feel the difference.  Big Tights are incredibly soft and silky and feel incredible on. I never felt restricted or like I couldn’t breathe, I felt sexy because of the high-quality material and the lace welts. I tried both the size 20-24 Prague Lady Lace Hold Ups and the size 22-28 All Woman Lace Hold Ups. I prefer the former because of how amazingly stretchy and soft these thigh highs are. I honestly felt like I was wearing silk, I was so impressed with the texture of the fabric used. If you are curious about exactly how stretchy they are, check out this photo, showing you the stretch power of Big Tights products. You should also check out the Dublin Lady Lace Hold Ups with their sexy red details in the lace welts. Easily the sexiest colour combination ever, red and black lace. I also like that the Prague version has a shaped foot and a lined toe, which make them really amazing quality. However, the All Woman versions are a bit more generous in their sizing around the thigh and in the overall length. The lace design on each style is slightly different as you can see in the side by side photos at the bottom of this post. They are available in black, as seen here, and in white and natural as well. The All Women Seamless Knickers, or as we call them in Canada, undies, are in fact seamless and so even under tight clothes they are practically invisible. They offer full coverage and are high waisted so you feel secure and unexposed when wearing them. I tried the size 18-22 UK and while they fit amazingly, they are so stretchy, I could probably size down to their 14-16 version. The material is super duper soft but not silky so it still breathes. Shown here in black, they are also available in beige and white. Big Tights is growing, for obvious reasons, and I can’t wait to see what products they come out with next. Plus their size range is really inclusive, going up to a UK size 36 in this item and many others on their website, some up to a UK size 50.

For those of you that are curious, in the first set of photos, I’ve paired these items with the Ashley Graham cage bra from AdditionElle. I am wearing a 36DD. This is from SS15 but they still stock sexy, high-end, plus size only bras. In the second set of photos, I paired my new Big Tights Hold Ups with my Clara set from Panache Lingerie. Finally, because you know I always include a body positive message in all of my posts… see how when I turn around to face the camera I get a back fold? That is completely normal, natural and kind of amazing. Our bodies move and bend in ways that make existing as a human being, way easier to function. These rolls, lumps, and bumps are nothing to be ashamed of. Photoshop and flawless lighting have fooled us into thinking that these so-called flaws don’t exist. However, I can tell you that even when I was very thin, my body looked different in motion from when it was static and unmoving. We should celebrate how fabulous and able our bodies are, in all of their differences and unique abilities, instead of focusing on the things they can’t do or on the ways they look different from what we see in magazines. We are all beautiful, regardless of our shape, size, race or ability. We are beautiful exactly as we are!

Big Tights sent me these complimentary undergarments as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality to my readers and followers. However, you can trust that I will always give my honest opinion only on this blog and on my social media pages. This article also contains a bra from the Ashley Graham Collection by AdditionElle.

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