Body Confidence Revolution

6d9317_31bd60c680214db0bc98d09b5d2da316I am so excited to let you know that I’ve joined Leyah Shanks as an official ambassador for The Body Confidence Revolution. If you haven’t already heard of Leyah or her campaign. I encourage you to click on a bunch of the links I’ve included in this blog post so that you can learn more. I fist met Leyah online when she saw one of my early body positivity posts and asked if she could share my photo. I happily agreed and I started following her on social media. I love her posts because they are truly intersectional and touch on so many issues beyond what your average body positive activists are talking about. Leyah posts about the absurd idea that clothes are gendered and the idea that some nipples are okay while others are not, at least according to a large portion of our society and most social media rules. If you know my views at all, you are clearly seeing why a strong connection was made.

When Leyah asked me to apply to be an ambassador I was completely honoured and jumped at the chance. I sent off my application form and when she let me know that I was one of only 12 selected from around 50 applicants, my mind was blown. It didn’t surprise me that Leyah had gained so much interest, after all, The Body Confidence Revolution has received a great deal of media attention including from Cosmopolitan UK, Bustle, HelloGiggles and Plus Model Magazine. I also really love how Leyah is all about women supporting women! When she asked me to join her campaign she agreed to make it a mutually beneficial relationship by giving shout outs to all of her ambassadors on a regular basis. In fact, you will find a link to my bio on her website from my “Featured In” page (formerly known as my “In The Media” page).

As I mentioned before, Leyah is a true intersectional feminist and that is why I am proud to support The Body Confidence Revolution as an official ambassador. Stay tuned for cross posts from me on all the topics you are used to seeing, such as; eating disorder awareness, being an inbetweenie, thin and curvy privilege. But also topics that are less frequently addressed by the mainstream body positivity community such as ending slut shaming, sexism, homophobia, and transmisogyny. No one should be left behind by feminism or body positivity and those of us with privilege need to us it to make space for those experiencing oppression. I’m proud to join Leyah in making space for all voices.

Also, I’ve joined BlogLovin – come Follow me over there, please!

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