Ms. Pomelo’s Perfect Fit

6d9317_e901d9a334b74a25a841fa4a96038178If you have ever checked out my tips for Being Body Positive, you will know that one of my suggestions is to only wear clothes that fit, that you are comfortable in and that are your style. Well, that goes for undies as well. In fact, I feel extra sexy when I have a matching bra and underwear set that fits flawlessly. A feeling that I certainly got when I first tried on these two sets from Ms. Pomelo Bras. Plus, this brand agrees with me on the importance of fit and they have a unique feature, their fit kit, that proves exactly how committed they are to making sure you get the perfect bra for you. Ms. Pomelo offers a free bra school that will show you exactly how to measure yourself, once your fit kit arrives. The fit kit is a small sample package, about the size of a sewing kit in a hotel room, that comes stuffed with fabric samples, instructions, and a measuring tape. You even get to choose the style of fit kit you prefer so the fabric samples will be from the bra you are most interested in purchasing. Fabulous idea, isn’t it? Plus, it is completely free! Click through to pick out your favourite style and order one of your own today. You deserve to have at least one luxury bra that fits you perfectly and Ms. Pomelo is here to make sure that is exactly what you get.

But why does fit matter so much? Of course you want to feel and look good, but what about other reasons? Well Ms. Pomelo has a blog post that outlines in detail all of the health reasons that you need to ensure a good fit when you purchase a bra. Think about how a bra that fits too tightly can restrict your breathing and imagine the impact on your internal organs after wearing such a garment for most of the day. Getting enough oxygen is critical to our overall well-being and being able to take deep breaths is a great tip for relaxation. When you have the wrong bra size on, it can impact your posture, resulting in increased muscle aches and pains. Restrictive bras can even cause irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to increase. Finally, your skin needs to breath and not be exposed to additional friction that may cause irritation or rashes. I highly recommend you click through to the full post for all the details as this is just a quick summary.

 I also tried the Bra Du Jour in Carmen, another gorgeous red material but this time combined with subtle black stitching and band details. This bra has slightly more coverage and a bit more stretch, I actually think I could have sized down to a 34DD in this version because I am already using the tightest hooks. In case you don’t already know, bras should start out on the loosest hooks so that when they start to stretch a bit with time and wear, you can tighten them up. This version also has thick straps, functional but still well designed and beautiful. The Bra Du Jour is a soft cup model which I find provides a more natural breast look, lifted but not altered. The size range is as follows for those wondering if their size is available; 34 DD-H, 36C-H, 38C-F, 40C-E, 42C-E. Ms. Pomelo offers underwear in sizes ranging from 12-24 UK in this style.

Ms Pomelo sent me these complimentary undergarments as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality and fit my readers and followers. However, you can trust that I will always give my honest opinion only on this blog and on my social media pages.

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