Curvy Kate & Dear Scantilly

6d9317_9883c7715a5e47cb9d8bb48b578ed17dThere aren’t many brands that I am as excited about as Curvy Kate. They are a UK based brand that is well known among larger breasted women around the world. Curvy Kate is a sexy and sensual brand that knows that their clients want bras that look good and fit properly. They are not specifically a plus size brand, they offer a wide range of band sizes (28 – 44) but the cup sizes are only available above a D cup, all the way up to a K cup. Their bottoms range in size from 8 – 22 UK sizing. Curvy Kate is all about body positivity and their blog posts often centre around such issues. Recently they launched their #LoveYourPerfections campaign in response to an offensive ad from in the UK that implied freckles and red hair are flaws as opposed to beautiful and unique features that many women and men possess.

I know there are some small breasted women that may feel left out of this size range, but let me remind you that one of my first posts for this blog was originally written because I found La Senza was no longer carrying my favourite bras in anything above a C or D, my DD breasts were no longer welcome. So, before you comment asking about small cup sizes, I hope you contact mainstream stores about carrying sizes that will fit me, then we can talk. Essentially, until all mainstream lingerie stores carry curvy and plus sizes, then exclusive stores make sense

 First up, is my personal favourite, Surrender from the Dear Scantilly line. Dear Scantilly is the fearless lingerie collection from Curvy Kate that takes sex appeal to the next level. The line includes cage bras, harness bras, sexy basques and garter belts. If you have been following their Snapchat story or their Instagram posts, you will know that their upcoming season is going to be a showstopper and I hope to have a new post for you when the items officially launch.

extra feminine and pretty. The panties you see here are a size 16 UK and I think they are almost a touch too big, so maybe you would want to size down. The bra fits me perfectly though, I wouldn’t change a single thing, I am wearing a size 36DD which is my normal size. In fact, those are the sizes I am wearing in all of the items featured in this blog post. No set I own, makes me feel as sexy as this Surrender set from Curvy Kate does.

Next up is the Dreamcatcher in Biscotti. It is one of the Curvy Kate essentials or their everyday bras. It has a half cup where the bottom is lined and the top is sheer. The beige tone is lovely and for me, it makes a perfect skin tone set. I have it paired with the thong, which is actually comfortable, despite it not normally being my preference. The little keyhole design at the back is very cute and adds just that tiny bit of extra detail that Curvy Kate is well known for.

Finally, in terms
of lingerie sets, I have the Kitty Black Copper which is a lined bra that has sweet metallic details all over the cup. I love the little copper coloured bows on both the bra and the panties. The undies are made of two layers of sheer material folded over which makes them only sort of see through but which has the added bonus of feeling pretty seam free. I’ve paired the set here with an aqua green open front cardigan from Point Zero Curvy, head to my blog post on that brand for more details and a full review of the sweater.

I’m really excited to give this Luau Love bandeau bikini a try in the hot tub at the hotel I am currently staying at as I know Curvy Kate to be a supportive bra line that offers similar features in their swimwear selection. While it comes with straps, I have faith that this number will actually hold up to the test that is going strapless while having large breasts. This test, of course, becomes even harder once you get the swimwear wet and try to be active, so I’ll be sure to update this section when I have the results ready to go. I love the vintage buttons as an added detail on an otherwise simple black bikini, which if you know me, would also be my style.

Curvy Kate sent me these complimentary undergarments and swimwear as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality to my readers and followers. However, you can trust that I will always give my honest opinion only on this blog and on my social media pages. I am also wearing Big Tights in some of these photos.

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