ModiBodi Undies


Period undies for the win! Seriously! I have never been so excited to try a product, that arrived exactly on time. I hate pads and tampons but I hadn’t made the jump to The Diva Cup yet because I figured I would still need panty-liners and I just wasn’t about that life. But now that I have found ModiBodi, I will never buy another pad or tampon again. These underwear are made for function but they are still totally cute and comfy. Plus they wash up incredibly well and are absolutely reusable. I tried all three different absorbencies and have the full details for you below. Please discard your initial reservations about using period underwear, either with or without another menstrual product, because I promise you that you will want to convert to ModiBodi once you hear all about their fabulous line. I know I am a lifelong convert now that I have had the chance to give them a try, and I think you will feel the same.

6d9317_6e70ea5454cb46c29dd88d5bdcdf3f72~mv1First, let me be clear, these are about so much more than just a product for when you menstruate. They absorb sweat and other fluids, potentially eliminating the need for panty-liners altogether. Plus, ModiBodi undies are much more environmentally friendly than the alternative. In the long run, they are also less expensive than the cost of pads, tampons and panty-liners over the time a pair of undies will last you. That, of course, depends on the frequency of use and the activities the user participates in. Given the cost of these amazing underwear isn’t much more than normal undies, you can guarantee you will come out having saved money in the long run. Over in Australia, they are part of the campaign to get taxes removed from menstrual products as their government, and many others, have labeled these essential items as a luxury. I think anyone who menstruates, cis-women or trans-men, know this is a ridiculous concept.

I love that ModiBodi is doing their part to break down stigma surrounding periods. Their advertising uses red fluid to demonstrate the absorbency of their products instead of some water with blue dye as most commercials in North America. I have to admit that this could be because of our restrictive advertising rules over here versus the fact that ModiBodi is based out of Australia. Still, I’m going to give them credit for using water dyed the same colour as the fluid they are actually talking about. People who have their periods are shedding uterine lining and blood, there is no point in trying to pretend that isn’t what is happening. So, now that the squeamish have officially left this page and moved onto one of my sexier blog posts, lets get down to the nitty-gritty of how these underwear actually work. I don’t mean their highly technological design, which you can learn more about on the ModiBodi website, but how they functioned for me, during my period this month.

The package arrived on day three of my period, which for me means that my flow is starting to slow down. I requested size 18 Australian sizes which is about a size 16 in US sizes, so they fit to size but because I am wearing them during my period, I think I would size up next time. So I tried the Heavy Absorbency Briefs that night, by wearing them to bed overnight. I woke up in the morning dry and with no stains or marks on my sheets. This set is meant to absorb up to two tampons worth of menstrual blood, normally overnight on day three I do not need to change my pad as I will not sleep in tampons for safety reasons. If you haven’t read about recent cases of toxic shock syndrome and how it caused one young woman to have her leg amputated, I would encourage you to do so. This is just one more reason why options like ModiBodi are a better choice than other menstrual products. I love how the ModiBodi liner goes up quite high at the back, making it perfect for night time use, since many of us lie down on our backs or sides when we sleep, needing the area of absorbency to expand.

The next day, I tried out the Moderate Absorbency Briefs, both versions are in black which I think makes perfect sense given their specific function. Stains simply aren’t as visible on black and all the liners are black on top. However, ModiBodi also incorporated a strain resistant technology into their products as well. The Moderate Absorbency Liners are meant to absorb between 1.5 – 2 tampons worth of menstrual blood which allowed me to get through my entire day without any leaks. I also want to mention that I felt completely dry. Having worn pads in the past, I have felt uncomfortable and wet before, there was no noticeable moistness when wearing the ModiBodi undies. That night before bed I changed into one of the pairs of Light Absorbency in the Classic Bikini style in Violet. I wore the other pair, this time in the Classic Boy Leg design in Beige, the next day. The Light Absorbency Liners are designed to absorb up to 1 tampon worth of menstrual blood.

Many of my readers will be thrilled to learn that they have a high-waisted design as well as a thong option. The thong option is available in a Super Light Absorbency Liner that is designed to absorb up to half a tampon worth of moisture but is best when used with a back up method like The Diva Cup. ModiBodi is all about supporting moms and as a result they have maternity underwear in a sexy boy leg design. They don’t stop there, having taken their Modifier Technology into a Breastfeeding Singlet(tank top) with protection from leaks built right in. The tops totally replace the need for nursing pads, yet another disposable item that can be kept out of the landfills by using ModiBodi products. Their moisture wicking line of undies and sports bras are designed to wick sweat away from the skin, leaving the user feeling dry and more comfortable. All of the ModiBodi products can be washed as you would with the rest of your lingerie. Basically, you just need to avoid using too many chemicals and you should hang them or lie them flat to dry. The ModiBodi blog has a post dedicated to how you can wash and care for your new functional underwear, following their directions will keep them lasting.

ModiBodi also won my heart with their charitable efforts. I already mentioned their activist work around the cause of having taxes removed from feminine products but they are also committed to supporting women who are staying in shelters. Their “Share The Dignity Voucher” campaign ensures that a portion of every purchase is donated back to women in need, during one of the most challenging times in their lives. I can tell you, as the manager of a shelter for women and children fleeing violence that with up to 10 women staying with us at any time, that is a lot of pads and tampons. For a non-profit charity, that cost really starts to add up to an almost unmanageable cost. Thankfully, brands like ModiBodi are there to help fill the gap. You can even buy discounted underwear on their website, that will be donated directly to a shelter, in your name.

ModiBodi is also all about promoting a healthy body image and body positivity. They partnered with a local artist to create this artistic video that ends with the message, even if our bodies are a bit of a mess, they are still a work of art. Mess as defined by the patriarchy and the mainstream media of course, since actually I think no one is a mess and we are all perfect exactly as we are. This campaign is also part of their efforts to end the stigma around both menstruation and bladder incontinence, which is an issue that women of all ages can face for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the stigma prevents people from talking openly about it, which leave them feeling isolated and alone. ModiBodi is doing all they can to change that with their products and their blog.

ModiBodi sent me these complimentary undergarments as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality to my readers and followers. However, you can trust that I will always give my honest opinion only on this blog and on my social media pages.

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