Trösta Box for Self Care

Trösta means care. It is a Swedish verb that means to comfort, console or give solace. A perfect description for the feeling that this new monthly subscription box will provide. It is the perfect gift for the person who wants to create a self-care routine but who needs a little bit of guidance getting started. Ideal for busy individuals who don’t have time to seek out the quality tools they need to practice self-care on a regular basis. Let’s face it, the less time you spend seeking out candles and bath bombs, the more time you have available to enjoy them. What is more convenient than having these supplies delivered directly to your door, once a month, just like clockwork? It’s certainly much easier than the alternative.

The products inside of the Trösta Box are designed to appeal to our senses and to meet our physical, emotional and mental needs. As you have read before on this blog, I believe that good mental wellness is critical to overall body positivity and that true self-love must include your body, your heart, and your mind. The Trösta Box has a little bit of everything, perfect for taking care of each and every part of you. The products in the box will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded, not to mention, they will leave you and your home smelling absolutely amazing! Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of coming home to a surprise gift every month?

Each month has its own unique theme and I love how several items in this month’s box actually matched in physical appearance as well as overall theme. My headband, journal and perfume bottle box are all covered in very similar wildflower designs, plus the June box actually contained a selection of wildflower seed bombs. An opportunity to get dirty and plant some flowers is a great tip for self-care. Did you know that soil has anti-depressant properties? It is also quite grounding and calming to get down and play in the dirt with your bare hands. So I love that Trösta Box provided an opportunity to do some late spring gardening. As the flowers start to grow, I’ll be able to enjoy them again.

Also included in the June Trösta Box, were some delicious cookies that I quickly enjoyed. I’m a very picky eater so I was worried that I wouldn’t like the snack that is regularly included in each month’s box, but these were so yummy that I could hardly resist them. The handmade bath bomb and luxury candle’s scents complimented each other and so you will see me here, using them together. After I was done with taking these photos, I turned down the lights and spent a bit of time meditating in the tub. I also really loved the calendar of journalling and self-care prompts that came along with the gifts. Sometimes the hardest part about keeping up with a journal is knowing what to write about every day, so I found that little addition to be very helpful.

I’m sure you are now wondering what you have to do to get one of these boxes yourself. Well, you have a couple of options because I am offering a free draw giveaway on my Instagram account as well as offering my readers a 25% off discount when they subscribe. The contest closes on June 15th but the coupon code is valid until July 22nd so you have time to subscribe after the contest closes if you don’t win. Or if you do win and you want to subscribe once you have a chance to test drive a Trösta Box of your own. Head to my Instagram page for the super simple details on how to enter the giveaway contest or head to the brand’s website to subscribe using the code: MSLINDSAYM – plus while you are there, you can enter your e-mail address for a bonus entry into the free draw you already entered on Instagram. All you have to do to entering is to follow @MsLindsayM and @TrostaBox, then comment under any of the related images on my page by tagging two friends who deserve to win a self-care package. They can enter by tagging two new friends, and so on. Share the positive vibes!

Trösta Box has provided me with these products as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality of these items to my readers and followers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion and only promote products that I actually use on this blog and on all of my social media pages.

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