FabUplus Magazine

IMG_5694Coming home to find the first ever issue of FabUplus Magazine in my mailbox reminded me of the first time I stumbled upon Bitch Magazine. Both made me feel like there was finally a subscription that fit my needs. Of course, I grew up with Seventeen and Glamour, magazines that I knew I was supposed to like, but that I never fully connected with, likely because of how they made me feel about my body and my lack of access to brand name fashion. FabUplus is a size neutral, health, fitness, and lifestyle magazine for plus-size women that launched in Canada on June 1st, 2016. After checking it out, I sincerely hope that this amazing magazine has a long shelf life and becomes widely available in the same way many mainstream magazines are. I wanted to read each and every article in FabUplus Magazine and I enjoyed them all. Unlike some other popular media options out there, this magazine actually made me feel good about my body. I liked seeing other women who looked like me in the pages and I feel there was a pretty good balance of size and skin tone diversity overall. There were recipes that didn’t include any reference to weight loss and body positive fashion advice for and by plus size women. The magazine is meant for every woman.

UPDATE: I just got back from my very own corner store where I finally located 2 copies of FabUplus. I live in Northern Ontario, in a very isolated community, so it makes sense that it took a bit longer to arrive here. So if you are in the same situation, go back out and check for it again. Unfortunately, my one critique of FabUplus is that I couldn’t find the magazine when I looked for it locally.  I should also mention that I believe it is completely understandable for a start-up magazine to have a limited reach at first, and one that is easily solved by subscribing. So I guess it is not so much a critique as a call to action, a desire for us all to do whatever we can to get this magazine on the newsstands in every town. In fact, the more subscribers there are, the more likely we are to see it there as well. This issue of the magazine is currently 66 pages long and I know it will be growing with each issue. I’d love to see a bit more high-end fashion as the magazine grows, but perhaps that isn’t one of the goals of FabUplus. I’d love to see Vogue quality editorials, featuring a diverse selection of plus size models in a print magazine one day, but I also know that style is not something everyone is into and that it comes with quite the steep price tag. Personally, I think it is important to see diversity on the magazine racks, especially the ones right next to the checkout counters at drug stores and supermarkets. As you know, one of my missions with #SelfiesForSelfLove is to increase the diversity in the images we see around us on a daily basis. By supporting, this and other plus-size specific magazines, we can use our purchasing power to vote for change in the media.

It was great to open up the magazine and see so many familiar faces and names from the online body positive community that I have become a part of. In fact, the articles from Sarah Vance, Kobi Jae, and Margot Meanie, all of whom I already follow on social media, were among my favourites from this issue. I absolutely loved the honesty that exudes from Kobi’s article “Let Them Eat Cake”, it was incredibly relatable. I had to giggle at the note from Margot Meanie that confirmed she too knows of the struggle that is shopping online while plus size and Canadian. It was so nice to flip through a print magazine and know that all of the brands included, in the write-ups and in the advertisements, would have my size in stock if I were to browse their websites or stop by their stores. I specifically liked learning about the brand Sympli Grand and hope to be able to bring you more information about, their flowy and gorgeous designs, in the near future. I can’t wait to see the September issue of FabUPlus, which may or may not include a special feature from yours truly. Be sure to subscribe today so you don’t miss out. I know of a few other articles that will be of particular interest to my readers and followers, but I am sworn to secrecy so you will just have to wait and see.

FabUplus Magazine has provided me with this issue as a part of our collaboration agreement. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion on this blog and on all of my social media pages.

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