Black Bikini Bottom Bounty

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You may have noticed that I have a passion for everything black when it comes to fashion, and quite frankly this also applies to my house decor as well. So when I stumbled upon some ultra cheap bikini bottoms in three different designs, all in black, I wanted to try all three. Originally I had planned to bring them home to try them all on in decent lighting and then to return one or two the next day. Well, I liked all three so much that I ended up keeping them all and I know I won’t regret that in the long run. Given that each piece was under $20, I’d say it was a great deal. I’ll be able to mix and match these bottoms with almost any bikini top I already own or collect along the way. That, of course, is the major benefit to being such a huge fan of black and other neutral colours. 

IMG_6067My absolute favourite in terms of which bottoms I think work best with this specific top is the retro style skirt. I like how it is still tight against my skin so that it doesn’t look like I am trying to hide away or cover up. I have swimsuits that still fit me but that are from before I discovered radical self-love and they all have this flowy style that I thought would help me hide away. It was silly because once you get a bathing suit wet it is going to cling to your skin regardless of its design. These bottoms match the top best because of the ruching on both but also because of the retro feel each item gives off.In terms of how I look in the photos, I actually prefer the traditional bikini style bottoms. In terms of function, though, I know these woulIMG_6065d be pretty challenging to actually swim in. These fit perfectly and I feel all of these options fit true to size as I am wearing a size 1X as I usually do. The top is a size 38D because they did not have my true size 36DD but the sister size fits pretty well. The high waist option is easily the best in terms of function and given my love of swimming that is something to consider. But these bottoms prove that fatkinis don’t have to be high-waisted to be cute and that women of any size can rock all styles of bathing suits.

The plain high-waisted option that I picked up claims to be a tummy tamer, but honestly, there is too much stretch for it to alter your body in any way. PIMG_6064ersonally, that isn’t something I need in a suit but if you were expecting it based on the tag description, you would be disappointed with the results. It fits great though and comes up just high enough to cover my belly button. I love these bottoms but I plan on pairing it with a different top when I actually wear it out by the pool. These will go with almost anything but I prefer to wear high-waisted bottoms with a longer top, not quite a tankini, so about 3 inches of the belly still shows.

Given my passion for body positivity, I’d like to also point out how different each of these bathing suit bottoms makes me look. Some people would say that only one or maybe even none of these suits is appropriate for my body type but I say, “eff that body shaming” because I feel good in all thIMG_6068ree of these options and that is all that matters. There are body shaped based style guides all over the place if that is something you want to learn about, but I am here with the message of loving your body as it is and wearing whatever you want.

This is not a sponsored post and I am not proud of where I purchased this bikini so I am not going to name the source. It is fast fashion, sold by a discount retailer that I normally avoid shopping with. I apologize if this is frustrating. Please do better than me and buy your suit from an ethical retailer or an indie brand, they need your business and will reward your loyalty by supporting local causes.

So I want to know, which bikini bottom option do you prefer? High-Waist? Retro Skirt? Traditional Bikini?

4 thoughts on “Black Bikini Bottom Bounty

    1. I just got an order in today from Evangeline Rose and the bikini bottoms are to die for. Such amazing quality and fit. I show some details on my snapchat story – MsLindsayMarie if you would like to see.

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