Vichy Works For Me

IMG_6816Having tried a few Vichy products back in my days of working for Shoppers Drug Mart in the Cosmetics department, I was excited to try the Aqualia line. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal line includes a serum, eye balm, and a cream all based around hydrating the skin to reduce fine lines. More on those products below. First, I want to tell you why I was so excited to try these products. It is because, my favourite cleanser of all time, no exaggeration at all, is the Vichy Pureté One Step 3-in-1 Milk Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. Nothing removes eye makeup better than this cleanser does. The best part is that you can use it in the shower as a face wash or on a cotton pad without water at all. It is so gentle on your eyes, no rubbing needed, and yet it removes even the toughest makeup smoothly. It is perfect! I cannot recommend this product enough, and while I recommend a lot of products on this blog, I would honestly say this is my #1 favourite product ever. So if you haven’t tried this Vichy cleanser yet, make it your next purchase, you won’t regret it. Keep reading on to find out how you can win the entire Vichy Aqualia Thermal line, enriched with Vichy Mineralizing Spa Water.

Vichy is a brand that is entirely based around Vichy Thermal Spa Water. This unique ingredient actually comes from Vichy, France where there is in fact, a Vichy medical spa. The spa treats serious medical conditions of the skin and then developed a skincare line to complement their treatments, eventually those products were mass marketed to us as consumers. I am a huge fan of a good serum, as long as it is fairly rich in ingredients and has a great texture as often the serum is the most expensive product in the line. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Power Serum goes on smoothlIMG_6814y, with no sticky residue. It has a light texture that would be suitable for almost all skin types, but that is still rich enough to do leave your skin feeling moisturized. This serum made my skin feel more hydrated instantly, but I have tried “serums” from other brands that felt more like applying a toner than applying a cream and were not effective at all in my opinion. So I have high standards for serums and this one seems to live up to them overall. Personally, I prefer to apply the serum to my skin first, immediately after cleansing so it can work to lock in some of the moisture left behind after I minimally dry my face. I love the fresh but barely there scent of these products, basically just enough to cover up the weird smell that sometimes comes along with scent-free skin care items.

I follow up this step with the Vichy Aqualia Awakening Eye Balm. I find this pump to be a bit strange as it only seems to provide the smallest drop of the product, not even enough to do moisturize around one eye. I find I need about 3-4 pumps to get enough of the product to cover the area. Perhaps I just received a broken bottle so let me know in the comments section below if you have tried it and felt the same way about the packaging. I also think compared to the glass bottle of the serum and the glass jar of the cream, the eye gel bottle is a bit of a let down in terms of overall impression and quality. Regardless, the product inside the bottle gets the job done. I like that it is a gel-cream which means that it is fairly lightweight and goes on very smoothly. I do believe it made my eyes look less puffy, especially the morning that I used it after a night of drinking wine. I also use this at night, as I do with all three of these products right now. Vichy says that this product workings on “tired looking skin in the evening by rebalancing water distribution around your eyes”. As I said, this AqualiaIMG_6815 product line is all about hydrating the skin and you can win it by subscribing to Vichy’s email newsletter. The giveaway is valued at $199.

The final step in this four step process is to apply the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream all over the face, including the neck and decolletage. I think this is so important to mention and as a woman over 30, I am already starting to notice the difference between my neck/chest and my face because I spent my twenties focused only on taking care of the latter. I love that glass jars of cream feel so luxurious but I am notorious for not having a spatula available and when that happens I wash my hands and use my nail backwards. So instead of grabbing the cream on my fingertip, which would result in the cream getting under my nail, I use the manicured part of my nail to pull the cream out of the jar and apply it to my skin. I then, of course, use my finger tip to gently apply the cream in an upward motion, starting at my chest. After I use this cream, I feel hydrated and I believe my skin looks lifted and refreshed. I went completely make-up free for a few days to see how my skin felt with just these products. By the time I was ready to shower in the evening, I could still feel that my skin was hydrated but not greasy, sticky, or oily. I love the light scent and the texture that is neither too light nor too heavy. Vichy currently has a 20% off sale on their entire website if this review has you interested in purchasing some of their skincare range for yourself.

Vichy has provided me with these products as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality of these items to my readers and followers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion and only promote products that I actually use on this blog and on all of my social media pages.


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