The Best (and Worst) of The Body Shop

IMG_7070As I have mentioned before, finding products that are cruelty-free is really important to me and I think it was actually The Body Shop that first introduced me to the importance of this philosophy and practice. I have since come to love them for their fabulous sales (buy 3 & get 3 free, for example) and for being available in most towns and online with reasonable shipping rates. I now have an established loyalty to a few of their products and I wanted to tell you about those. This is not a sponsored review, these are just products that I truly believe in, and one or two that just did not work for me but I want to be honest about. In some cases, I have been using these hair and skin care products for years, I am just that satisfied with the amazing results. However, in other cases, I have returned products I wasn’t happy with and I tell you exactly which ones those were. On the plus side, the Body Shop has a pretty excellent return policy, if you are ever less than satisfied with the results or quality of a product.

My absolute favourite hair product, the only one I never seem to change up is my conditioner. I get a lot of compliments on my hair since I found this hair moisturizer a few years ago. That helped me decide that I’ve found the one that I like and I am sticking with it. Sure, I will test out another product for a review here or there but I always come back to The Body Shop’s Banana Conditioner. I have naturally curly, frizzy, dry, and now damaged hair and this conditioner is the best one I have found that is also still affordable. I like to use a lot of conditioner so the fact that it is affordable is really important to me. This conditioner is thick and creamy, it would stay in place if you were to get out of the shower and use it as a hair mask. The texture is a huge reason why I love this product but I am also obsessed with the scent. Banana puree is one of the main ingredients in the product, which makes it smell fantastic. It rinses clean out of your hair, unlike that homemade hair mask you tried to whip up a while back, but it is just as hydrating for your hair and scalp. It detangles your hair really well, which is especially for important for those with curly hair as it can tangle and then break off easily. My overall opinion of this product is supported by the fact that the Banana Conditioner is a Body Shop best seller and has been for years. The package has been redesigned but the same great product is still inside.

I’m also a huge fan of the Body Shop’s light coverage BB Creams. I say creams plural because I like to change it up seasonally from the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in the summer to their Vitamin E Cool BB Cream in the winter. I have tried their All-In-On BB Cream and I honestly love it as well. The entire BB Cream line from the Body Shop is really great except that their skin tone offering is really limited. They claim that the shades will blend to match any skin tone and I find that kind of hard to believe. The Vitamin E version has only one shade, the Tea Tree version has two shades and the All-In-One has four shades. But I believe that is still going to leave out a bunch of skin tones who might otherwise like to try the product line. This is a common issue in the cosmetics industry, something I saw constantly when I was working in it. Most new brands or even new lines within an established brand only launch 3-5 shades in a collection. They will often say that this is just to test the market and see if the interest is there before launching a full 10 shades. I find this offensive because the brands are basically saying that they want to see if white and light skinned people want the product first, before offering it to racialized and darker skinned people. That’s an example of white privilege, being able to always find makeup products that suit your skin tone, so I really hope these Body Shop shades do accommodate more skin tones than I am imagining.

I’ve been using the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and I love the unique function of this product. It is meant to be applied as the last step of your skincare routine at night, before bed. I would recommend doing it at least 10 minutes before you want to put your face on the pillow so that the product has absorbed into the skin. If you don’t do that, it will feel sticky on your skin and potentially against your bed sheets and pillow case. The texture of this mask is unlike anything I have ever tried before and “bouncy” really is the best adjective for it. You need to use the spatula that is provided to get the product out of its lovely glass jar because it stretches as you pull it and the hook end of the spoon helps to cut off the excess. One spatula full of cream is enough to cover your entire face, neck, and decolletage if you have already applied a moisturizer and/or serum. It helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin overnight while you sleep with stem cell technology and hyaluronic acid. It is a mask, not a cream, so you will want to wash it off in the morning before starting your skincare and/or makeup routine. I believe this product has helped to keep my skin moisturized and to make it look more lifted.

When it comes to products I don’t like, the Honey Bronze line tops the list and I have tried quite a few of them. The Honey Bronze Bronzer and Blush Domes, shades one and three, were impossible to work with. They were so difficult to blend, especially if you had anything other than moisturizer already on, that I have never really been able to use them. I also tried the Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist and Tinted Face Gel, which are not self-tanners but a makeup type product designed to give your legs and face some colour for the day. Unfortunately, these products don’t provide a very deep colour, except on your hands. My hands ended up stained for longer than the product even stayed on the rest of my body. I do not recommend any of these products, nor do I recommend the Body Shop’s All-In-One Instablur 5-Action Perfecter. This primer was sticky and mostly just clumped up on my fingertips. I am still not sure why this happened because the product actually has really good reviews from other sources, but I kind of hated it. I have since found an amazing primer and hope to be bringing you a blog post about it and the brand behind it soon. Finally, I tried the Twin Roller Ball Facial Massager that goes along with the Oils of Life product line, which I absolutely love as you will see below. Unfortunately, I did not really see the benefits I had hoped to see from the massage tool and it wasn’t cheap so I was kind of disappointed. Giving yourself a facial massage is a really good idea in terms of skin care and self-care, but you can do it yourself with your daily moisturizer and your fingertips.

Here are a few other products from the Body Shop that I don’t think warrant a full product review but that I absolutely love and highly recommend; Tea Tree Blemish Gel, Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome, Vanilla Eau de Toilette, Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil two-in-one pen, the Cooling Peppermint Foot Care lotion, and the entire Oils of Life skin care collection. With this many products recommended in one post, it is probably worth clicking through to the Body Shop’s web page now and seeing what kind of amazing sale prices they are currently offering. In the meantime… Please tell me in the comments what your favourite Body Shop product is or one that you really want to try.

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2 thoughts on “The Best (and Worst) of The Body Shop

  1. Thanks Lindsay, I just went out and bought a few of these items that you reviewed. I have been meaning to try the banana conditioner that you’ve mentioned to me before. I am so excited to go home and try it out, I also picked up the tea tree bb cream, vanilla perfume ( I used to purchase the vanilla oil perfume ), and also the bouncy face mask. Thanks again for posting your honest reviews, it helps when deciding to purchase new products, there are so many out there you help eliminate some of the confusion! xxo

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