Mesh Trends from Maurices

This is certainly not the first time I have fallen in love with a mesh pullover. Sadly, I lost my absolute favourite one sometime around the time I moved to my new, soon to be my old, apartment. I am sure I lost it on a trip for work, I tend to lose at least one thing each time. I’ve lost two of my favourite bras and I’ve also lost my favourite casual dress. I’m really hoping I can stop that trend eventually, despite the fact that double and triple checking my hotel room has not yet solved the problem. But I digress, back to the mesh pullover, and a few other mesh items from Maurices that I discovered while writing this post and now want to own immediately. (I’ve got some coupon codes for you at the bottom of this post.) I guess they just suit my casual feminine style that is as much about feeling comfortable as it is about looking good. “Casual femme” would actually be a pretty good way to describe my style. How would you describe your own personal style in three words or less? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

IMG_7810I love that this mesh pullover basically works all year round. It is neutral in colour so it transcends seasonal trends. It is lightweight enough for summer nights or days in an air-conditioned office, but depending on what you pair it with, the three-quarter length sleeve helps you transition it into fall and even winter. I also love that you can wear it almost anywhere over head-to-toe black. Personally, I pair it with spandex leggings, like these cute mesh ones that are perfect for the theme of this post, and a sexy tank top. This outfit is easy and especially useful when travelling and that is exactly why you see it pictured here in two different hotels and a selfie on my way to the airport. Maurices also carries a bunch of basics like white tank tops, cute cardigans, and black lace camis. But you could also dress it up and wear it over a silk off-white shirt. Unfortunately, the exact version you see here was already on sale when I picked it up months ago, but I LOVE this new version in black, and will likely be adding photos of me in it, once I purchase it for myself. Same goes for this gorgeous off-the-shoulder version, technically it is described as lacy, but it still fits the mesh trend, in my opinion.

IMG_7812In case you aren’t familiar with Maurices, they are a store that sells clothing for women who are sized 1 -26, all in one location. While their stores are sectioned into areas that are primarily straight or primarily plus sizes, there is some overlap and there is also no difference between the two sections. Each section has an equal amount of floor space and mannequins. Both sections start at the front of the store and there is no attempt to shame plus size shoppers to the back of the store. You can also shop online, however, their website feels more divided than the instore experience. Their sale category list goes as follows; Sale Tops, Sale Bottoms, Sale Jeans, Sale Dresses, Sale Plus, Sale Shoes & Accessories. Do you see how that feels like plus size sale items are an afterthought to the “normal size” sale items that are broken down by type instead of just by size and lumped together? To me, this would be solved by also having Sale Plus Tops, Sale Plus Bottoms and so on, instead of only doing the extra categorization for straight sizes which kind of implies that those sizes have more options and that’s why it needs to be further organised. I also still hate that only plus size has a descriptor. Let’s use “people and queer people” for comparison purposes, it is not okay in either instance because it creates “a norm” and “an other”, reinforcing the oppression. This is consistent across the fashion industry, not picking on Maurices, just saying that would be a helpful step towards true body positivity.

Here are some of their current coupon codes and promotional offers, just in case, like me, you are now ready to pick up a few basics and at least one on trend mesh item;

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5 thoughts on “Mesh Trends from Maurices

  1. I agree about the size categories. I especially hate when stores pair it with maternity. Plus & Maternity sizes does not sit right with me. At Target, the maternity and plus areas are always somewhat integrated in how the racks are positioned. Confusing and a bit of an annoyance.

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  2. Eurgh – hate it when plus size is all lumped into one! Like we don’t mind trawling through because we should feel ‘honoured’ that they cater to us …

    Seriously loving this top though!

    C xx

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