7 Body Positive Podcasts You Will Love

MsLindsayM, body positive activist on The Curvy Podcast

I’ve written before about the importance of ensuring the media you consume is body positive, especially when you are first starting out on your self-love journey. Unfortunately, we all grew up hearing and seeing messages that reinforced the idea that the only acceptable version of beauty was white, thin, able-bodied, and straight. Eventually, we started to believe that myth was also reality. When we first start hearing that there may be another option, an option to believe that all bodies are beautiful and that by default that includes us, it can feel strange and hard to believe, but with time and repeated effort that can change. Since we learned these beliefs, it is also possible to unlearn them. The more we hear a message, the more we will believe it ourselves. This is why I believe it is so important to surround ourselves with body positive media and to eliminate truly negative sources like traditional fashion and gossip magazines or weight-loss based reality tv. In fact, it is why I started the #SelfiesForSelfLove movement. But what do we replace those old toxic media sources with? I have listed seven amazing body positive podcasts to help you out with that search.

Social media and online media sources have much more freedom to discuss the ideas behind body positivity because they aren’t also trying to sell advertising space to beauty brands. This is the power of independent feminist media sources like Bitch, especially the ones who refuse corporate sponsors. I’ve done a few book and magazine reviews and hope to bring you a “best of” list soon, but I also wanted to talk specifically about podcasts because of how simple and yet revolutionary they can be. It is relatively easy to create and host a podcast. In fact, even for one with pretty excellent sound, you could spend about $100 (assuming you already have a laptop) and be ready to go. There are many podcast hosting sites and as a result, it is fairly easy and accessible to post your own and gain a decent following. I love how DIY podcasts are as they give us access to voices that are often absent from the mainstream media and allow us access to a new perspective. All of my favourite podcasts are either related to body positivity or feminism and the best ones, overlap. Here they are, in no specific order, with clickable links.

1. Bustle’s The Bod-Cast hosted by Marie Southard-Ospina

Strong on feminist analysis, this podcast tackles issues like old school fat activism, thin privilege, what it is like living in marginalised bodies, and so much more.

2. The F*ck It Diet Radio hosted by Caroline Dooner

Learning about the powers behind diet culture and the damage it has done to our bodies, our minds, and our society is all examined in this podcast.

3. Bad Fat Broads! hosted by Ariel & KC

Radical and amazing fat activists take back mainstream body positivity and don’t hold back in their approach to self-love in this buddy based podcast.

4. Bawdy Love hosted by Lauren Marie Fleming

While there haven’t been many updates lately, this podcast was based in radical queer fat activism, while guiding you towards audaciously loving your body.

5. Call Your Girlfriend hosted by Ann Friedman & Aminatou Sow

Not technically a body positive specific podcast, it is actually my favourite for its ability to break down period stigma and apply feminist analysis to everything.

6. The Curvy Podcast hosted by Mickey Armstrong

Fashion, beauty, blogging, and more for the curvy woman. I was interviewed by this podcast last year and have linked directly to that episode, but they are all great.

7. Love, Curvy Yoga hosted by Anna Guest-Jelley

I mentioned Curvy Yoga as a website I use for my body positive yoga practice and I like how the podcast focuses less on the physical and more on the mental side of yoga.

Did I miss any? What body positive podcasts do you love to listen to on a regular basis? Please let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to update this list if you help me find a few new ones to fall in love with. If you end up subscribing to any of these, please let me know in the comments, I want to know which ones you prefer. Enjoy!

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