MBLM by Tess Holliday for Penningtons


When you realize that mblm, pronounced and normally spelled emblem, means “to represent, stand for, creatively reflect a distinct culture, a unique style, and attitude”, it becomes perfectly clear why it is such an amazing name for a collection designed by Tess Holliday. The woman has a unique style and attitude in how she represents and creatively reflects the distinct culture that is fatshion and all that it stands for. Basically, she does us, as plus size women, proud. Ms Holliday is a ground breaker in the plus-size modelling industry and as a result, she is an inspiration to many women around the world. Her look and personal style combine feminine vintage looks, funky on-trend fashion, and body positive vibes. I think that is exactly why so many women want to get their hands on a piece of it by grabbing up the mblm collection from Penningtons


So far there have been two separate releases of the collection from Tess Holliday, but there have also been previous collections from mblm since the fall of 2013. Personally, I much prefer the items in this section, over the items released earlier this year but each had a few real winners. Mblm is the contemporary fashion, aka as youthful or younger, line from Penningtons. I don’t believe we need to follow fashion rules, especially those around what women of a certain age should or shouldn’t wear. But personally, I do find more from the mblm collection that I like than I do from the main collection from Penningtons. Still, as I say that, I have a blog post coming next week that will feature two items that come from outside of the mblm line. So in total that is two blog posts from mblm and one blog post from the main collection. You won’t want to miss the latter because it will feature a super cute skirt, with pockets! It is so important to try things on that you wouldn’t normally think you would enjoy, for exactly this reason.


As far as I am concerned, no outfit more represents Tess Holliday’s collection than this Purple Ombré Maxi Skirt and Sleeveless Bodysuit with Mesh (don’t forget about this season’s Mesh Trend) that Tess wore for the advertising campaign. The ad is still featured on the website, so click through to see what I mean. The skirt features two gorgeous layers; there is an opaque knee length skirt underneath with a sheer layer overtop that goes all the way to the ankle. The midi-skirt underneath has a bit of stretch and never feels restrictive. The elastic waist is comfortable and fits very well, I am wearing a size zero which is my normal size at Penningtons. Overall, I found this entire collection, even the pieces that I didn’t end up buying, all fit very true to size. Mind you, I say that having the privilege of having the exact same measurements that are listed on their website size chart.


I’m wearing the skirt with the Sleeveless Bodysuit that was honestly the main reason I wanted to shop this collection. It fits pretty good, although I think it would be better on a woman with a larger breast size than I have. It has the space to accommodate a long torso and some extra curves. I’ve often struggled with one-piece swimsuits because my torso is a bit longer than average, so this fitting with room to spare was a welcome surprise. I am wearing a zero, again this is normally my size at Penningtons, but if there had been a size smaller, it might have worked better for me. In the photos here, I managed to get it to sit in place and not show my bra, the major pushup bra design helped with that. However, when I wear it with other bras, even very low cut ones, my bra shows. So I have just learned to embrace it and rock the outfit with an extra sexy detail.


I’ve kept this outfit casual enough for a weekday, but I think if you stepped up the jewelry, handbag, and shoes, it could easily take you out to an evening event or on a fabulous first date. I added a faux suede belt and paired it with minimal jewelry, sunnies, and strappy sandals. I’ve also uploaded some snaps of myself wearing the bodysuit with jeans, a leopard print shawl, and flats. If you aren’t following me on Snapchat, you should be because the content does not always overlap with my other social media accounts. My screen name is MsLindsayMarie and I often post behind the scenes stuff and outfit details. It is always where you will get the first peak at any blogger mail I receive. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate all the benefits of the bodysuit back in the 90s but now that I have had a chance to give one a try, I’m not sure why they ever went out of style. It feels so nice and secure to wear a bodysuit, even if doing them up isn’t exactly the sexiest moment of anyone’s day. What do you think? Are you loving the bodysuit trend?

Tess Holliday's MBLM Collection from Penningtons
The clothes in this post are from the mblm by Tess Holliday collection from Penningtons. They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $120, click here for the coupon code. Plus they are currently offering an extra 40% off all sale items.
These photos were taken, all SelfiesForSelfLove by yours truly, on location at Gilles Lake in Timmins, Ontario. This website contains affiliate links, when you click on them I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.

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