Ashley Graham for AdditionElle

MsLindsayM, body positive blogger and curvy lingerie influencer working with Samantha of Crave Boudoir while wearing Curvy Kate, Ms Pomelo and AdditionElle.

My first ever properly fitting bra was this cage bra from the Ashley Graham collection by AdditionElle. I went into their stores early in my body positive journey but committed to finding sizes that would work for me. I asked the sales associate to give me a proper bra fitting and she told me that I was a 36DD. Lucky, because that is the smallest size they stock and it fit perfectly. They had an amazing sale on and so I was able to get a discount on the bra and a pair of panties to match for next to nothing. I loved the quality of both!

Speaking of good sales, the entire online store is currently 30% off until July 21st at 10am EST, just click to start shopping and enter the code “AD30”. I wanted to give you a head start by pointing out some of my favourite items from her newest collection, at least until I have a chance to pick up some of these for myself after my big move. I made sure to include a few options that are very similar to the one I am wearing here, which is from last summer’s collection but I also included some brand new designs that I can’t wait to wear.

I also really love some of the panties in her line, especially the High Cut Eyelash Panty and the Brazillian Lace Boycut Panty. Which one of these lingerie sets do you have to have? Or is there one I didn’t include in my faves that you are excited to own? Don’t forget that this 30% off sale is less than 48 hours long, so shop now and don’t miss out on the great deals!

Shoppable Links – All 30% Off

Provocative Bodysuit


Provocative Babydoll

Provocative Fatal Attraction

Essentials Icon

Essentials Bodysuit

Ashley Graham

Boudoir photos included here are from Crave Boudoir that were shot at the Ramada in downtown Toronto. This website contains affiliate links, when you click on them I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. This helps me cover the cost of this blog domain name and hosting.

2 thoughts on “Ashley Graham for AdditionElle

  1. I do have about 3 Ashley Graham sets from Addition Elle, but none are from the current collection. Most if not all of them I picked up on sale when they were on 70% off. I think they cost me 15.00 each. I usually check the AE website every day to see if something new was added.

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