Come Sail Away!


Once you stop worrying about what is flattering to your body type, a whole world of fashion options opens up to you. For example, this sailor trend certainly calls my ability to wear horizontal stripes as a fat woman into question. I’m also stepping it up a notch by wearing a strapless bikini, a practically daredevil level of challenge when it comes to most straight-size focused brands. But this one is different and I think I’ve finally discovered the secret to successfully navigating a strapless swimsuit as a plus size woman.


What is the secret you ask? It is kind of easy and it makes perfect sense once you hear it. Buy your bikinis from brands with experience making bras, preferably with experience making strapless bras. If they have chosen to apply any of the same concepts to their swimwear line, and why wouldn’t they, you are going to get a supportive fit unlike any other you have ever tried to wear. I mean, how many times have you wished you could just wear your favourite bra and panty set out to the pool? Well, this option is less likely to leave your gorgeous lingerie destroyed by the chlorine.


Actually, that reminds me. This suit even stayed up after I went for a swim and while I was paddling around the pool earlier today. Even walking around carrying my tripod and beach bag, it never started to sag. It is because of the structure of the suit itself. It has boning on the sides and in the middle. It has wide straps and it fits amazing! So let me tell you more about this specific suit. It is from Panache, who I have blogged about before, in terms of showcasing some of their gorgeous lingerie and their campaign to highlight role models.


In this number, I am wearing their XL bottoms which are equivalent to a UK size 16. Normally I take a US size 16 and a UK size 18 but I know that these only fit because they are high waisted and I am pretty curvy. By that I mean there is a 10-inch difference between the size of my hips and the size of my waist. If these were designed to sit on my hips instead and therefore cut differently but in the same size, they may not fit as perfectly as these do. In Panache, I like to wear their 36E on top in both their lingerie and swimsuits, which makes it really easy to shop for one if you have tried the other.


I’ve also paired this suit with a gorgeous pair of cover-up pants in sheet black from Evangeline Rose that compliments every single bikini and one-piece swimsuit I own. They are a perfect go-to accessory for walking around the beach because they do in fact help prevent any chub rub that you might have experienced otherwise. They are very long and could be hemmed for anyone shorter than I am, but I love the length that doesn’t ever ride up too far and end up looking like cropped pants. I am wearing their size large. I will be bringing you much more from this brand in the very near future. Stay tuned!


Panache and Evangeline Rose have provided me with these products as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate the quality and fit of these items to my readers and followers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion. The sunglasses are from a random indie retailer on Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario and they were the last pair but I love their playful vintage vibes.

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