Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

IMG_4460Who said that one-piece swimsuits can’t be sexy? Basically, everyone, am I right? I mean until this year I’d have to say that I agreed with them. This was especially true for plus-size swimwear. We were used to having limited options that often included swim dresses and other designs that focused on covering as much skin as possible. That, however, is no longer the sole purpose of one-piece swimsuits. We now get options with cut-outs, mesh, lots of cleavage, and really sexy details, so be sure to click through to see them all.


The collection from Ashley Graham by Swimsuits For All gives us so many fabulous examples of sexy one-piece swimsuits that it was actually hard to narrow down which ones I would include in this post. I decided to go with Boss in black and Secret Agent in red. If you would like to see the latter in black, click through to my recent post on the #MySwimBody campaign.


I absolutely love the Boss’ design and how it mimics Ashley’s cage bra collection for AdditionElle, which I have previously highlighted in a blog post. Combined with the underwire design and side cut-outs this suit is not at all about covering up and all about showing off your beautiful curves. I am wearing a size 16 in all of these suits.


Secret Agent isn’t leaving much to the imagination with its low plunging neckline and its supporting tie-up front. This is a gorgeous suit in black, but it is steaming hot in the red version and that is why I decided to include it. Red is one of the sexiest colours available to us and this choice is certainly no exception.


From cut-outs to open backs with fun designs, I bring you this gorgeous but totally functional Twists & Turns swimsuit from Becca Etc. This suit is so well constructed that I can easily swim laps in the pool without for a second worrying that my breasts will spill out of the top, but yet it is still so sexy that I constantly get asked where it is from.


Finally, I wanted to showcase this super cute one-shoulder design from Evangeline Rose in bright green, called the Tiki Lady. It is so well constructed that you could wear it as a bodysuit with a cute skirt and head out for the night. This olive colour is absolutely amazing and totally unique and that is the quality that sets Evangeline Rose apart from other swimwear designers. (Photos of Twists & Turns / Tiki Lady in the album below!)

Swimsuits For All provided me with this swimsuit as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could participate in their #MySwimBody campaign and so that I could demonstrate their fit to my readers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion.


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