Luxury Lingerie from Impish Lee


Without a doubt, this is the most luxurious lingerie I have ever owned. The material and the construction simply cannot be compared to any other brand on the market. Where else besides Impish Lee, can you get custom designed and perfectly fitting lingerie? It’s an experience unlike any other and I’m so pleased with the results, I wrote a post about!


Let’s start with the experience of custom designing your own lingerie. You start by choosing the exact items you want to purchase. In my case, I selected the high waisted bottoms and one of the underwire bra options, the longline classic version. Then you get to choose your very own fabric and colour combinations based exclusively on what you love.


I went with all velvet and the velvet burnout material in a damask pattern because I don’t think I have ever seen another brand make lingerie out of velvet. Also, I’m obsessed with damask. I loved the concept and let me tell you, after trying it on, I couldn’t be more in love. I finally have sexy lingerie that can stand up to the cold Canadian winter nights.


I would absolutely love to eventually go back and design more of these velvet numbers, one very similar to this but using the red fabric where I chose wine this time. I thought wine would just be a very dark blood red, but it really is much more of a purple colour. So keep that in mind as you place your own orders. I also really want a long robe!


Impish Lee has a bra size calculator on their website so there is basically no way you can end up with the wrong size. Mine fit perfectly based on my measurements. So, if you can’t wait to order your own, click any of the links in this post to get 10% off your entire purchase and start designing your own personalized lingerie today.


Impish Lee provided me with this lingerie as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate their fit to my readers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion.


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