2016: The Summer of Swimwear


When I confidently walk from my condo building towards the outdoor pool it is almost hard to believe that last summer I only owned one bathing suit. That suit was a full coverage one-piece in that swim-dress style that is basically reserved for fat girls. You know the type that tries to minimize your waist and covers down to your mid-thigh. Of course, once it gets wet it shows all the so called “flaws” we are trying to hide.


It makes me sad to think of my past when I still hated my body when it was in any state of undress, from bikinis to lingerie. However, I am so proud of myself for slowly working my way towards a state of radical self-love through selfies and other body love techniques I’ve described on this blog before. It is possible for all of us to love ourselves, as we are.


But this year was a totally different story. I have a total of 7 different swimsuits to show you here, that have all been in regular rotation as I lounge out by my new outdoor pool soaking up the sun or as I swim laps in my indoor pool when it rains. I’ve since added 6 more Swimsuits For All suits to my collection, which basically means I need to plan a trip south so I can keep wearing them throughout the winter months. Jamaica, here I come!


Part of my journey to totally loving my body exactly as it is has been working with Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir on a number of photo shoots, including the all of the photos featured in this very blog post. Here’s proof you don’t need to wear lingerie to shoot with a boudoir photographer. I just love spending time with this empowering woman and I absolutely think that you should invest in yourself and book a shoot with her.


Selfies are great because you get to see yourself in a new light, but hiring a photographer means that you will also be able to see yourself from different angles. The professional experience will show you what all your loved ones see, how beautiful you truly are. Models get stylists, make-up artists, and professional lighting so since we are so used to comparing ourselves to that standard it can be helpful to start there as well.


I also credit some of my personal self-love revolution to finding swimwear that made me feel comfortable in my own skin. Stuff that I wanted to wear, that was my style, and that fit me well. I found those from a number of fabulous brands I am featuring here including; Becca Etc, Evangeline Rose, Panache, Curvy Kate, Sorella Swim, and Swimsuits For All.


I hope you love seeing all of these photos of a plus size or curvy woman in swimwear and if you want to see more I hope you will visit my other recent swimwear posts; Come Sail Away, Pinup Bikini Vibes, Bikini Bottom Bounty, Sexy One-Piece Swimwear, Bikinis For Inbetweeners, and My Swim Body. Surrounding ourselves with images that we don’t see in the mainstream media can really help our own self-image, so take the time to filter your newsfeed and blog reading. I wish you all the best on your own journey to self-love.

Blog Post Outfit Details

Photo One: Laua Love Bikini from Curvy Kate with Robe from Forever21+

Photo Two: Blue & White Stripe Bikini from Panache

Photo Three: Twists & Turns from Becca Etc Swimwear by Rebecca Virtue

Photo Four: Green One Shoulder Suit and Floral Cover Up from Evangeline Rose

Photo Five: Purple Bikini from Evangeline Rose with Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

Photo Six: La Boheme Bikini from Becca Etc with Sheer Pants from Evangeline Rose

Photo Seven: Black Marilyn Bikini and Gold Maxi Cover Up from Sorella Swim

Accessories: Local Independent Retailers


The above-listed and linked brands have provided me with all of the swimwear and coverups as a part of our collaboration agreement so that I could demonstrate their fit to my readers. However, you can fully trust that I will always give my honest opinion. All photos in this blog post are from Samantha Kidd of Crave Boudoir.

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