Must Have Fall Trend: Bomber Jackets


If you have been paying attention to bloggers and other media sources, you know the bomber jacket is very much on trend for fall. Although if you ask some of us, we will tell you it has always been on trend. Still, the look is having a moment right now and I’m here to show you some really affordable ways for you to get in on it.


The secret to wearing a bomber jacket is simple, pair it with everything! Really, it is a casual look so paired with jeans and a corset here, gives that femme sensibility with more of an athletic wear vibe. But pair it with a maxi dress and it makes your look more accessible, fun, and ready to slowly transition into autumn.


These are traditional and obvious bomber jackets but Pink Clove has given us a lovely longer version that I am absolutely in love with. I think this is the perfect jacket for pairing with work wear this fall. Helping me take this summer dress into fall with an outerwear layer that is movable enough to wear all day long.


While I wouldn’t technically call the final jacket a bomber style, it is gorgeous and perfect  for fall. As you have noticed, I really love the disposition of hard versus soft in fashion so I paired this fancier coat with all black bodycon. It would be lovely with a thick scarf and knee high boots as the days get even cooler.

Outfit Details:

Outfit #1: Jeans from Torrid, Corset from Got Curves, Bomber Jacket from Pink Clove

Outfit #2: Green Maxi Dress from Curvy Sense, Bomber Jacket from Pink Clove

Outfit #3: Olive Green Dress and Long Bomber Jacket from Pink Clove

Outfit #4: Leggings from Tess Holliday for Penningtons, Long Coat from Pink Clove

Pink Clove provided me with this clothing as a part of our collaboration agreement. However, you can trust that I will always provide my honest opinion. This post also contains complimentary clothing from Got Curves (get 15% off your purchase by using MsLindsayM as the coupon code) and Curvy Sense.


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