Where Are All The Butch Bopo Babes?

The body positivity and plus size fashion blogging scenes are full of feminine women. I’m one of them so it is nice to have a lot of company. There are activists and bloggers of all shapes and sizes. There are queer women and there are trans women who are both activists and bloggers. But for a community that claims to be inclusive of all people, where the heck are all the butch bopo and blogger babes? 

I was trying to help one such babe in my life look for clothes to wear and came up nearly empty handed. This babe, like many others, is butch and plus size and that seems to be a market that has been completely forgotten. Here is an album of websites or images I found featuring queer women on the butch or masculine of centre spectrum. Notice anything problematic? (I know, they are so hot it is hard to focus, but please try 😉

That’s right, they are all thin women. So while the femme spectrum of plus size women may struggle to find suitable options to fill their closets with, butch women of size are left with almost no options at all. Many of these women are forced to resort to shopping at stores that are technically designed for men. That is fine if it is truly their choice, but when most butch women tell me they want stores that are specifically made for them, I wonder why they don’t exist?

The media, social media based body positive pages included, are also lacking representation from trans men, gender queer, androgynous, and gender non-conforming individuals. If body positivity really is for all people, we need to include all genders as well.  What are you doing to ensure your activism is for people across the gender spectrum? Here is an album of photos that are doing a pretty great job at being all inclusive, except in terms of the groups mentioned in this paragraph.

I think it is absolutely okay to talk about how these ads both succeed and fail at the same time. The Scantilly by Curvy Kate ad, for example, is one of the most diverse ads from a for-profit company that I have ever seen, but these are still all femme women. We can celebrate their inclusion of a model with an amputation, a trans model, and a model with alopecia, and still talk about who is missing from the campaign. Or the ad from Neon Moon that has included a trans woman but no androgynous people or people of colour. Still, it is amazing that they go photoshop free, include body hair, and that they don’t sexualize their models.

The funny thing is, I’ve noticed that when the mainstream body positive community says “all bodies” they see it as a reason to highlight to work of skinny, white, cis, straight, able-bodied women, instead of as a space for marginalized bodies. If we recall the roots of body positivity come from fat activism, we must also recall its intention. I think we need to all start holding each other accountable for the lack of real inclusivity, diversity, and equity in these activist settings. Those of us with unearned privilege need to use it to make space for those who have not been granted it by this oppressive society.

This amazing plaid onesie is from AdditionElle. It has a faux fur lined hoodie! The fit is perfect as per usual for this brand. I am wearing the 1X which is exactly my measurements according to their size chart. It is the coziest sleepwear I have ever owned and I couldn’t be happier with it. I love how the ankles and wrists are fitted so that they don’t move around as I toss and turn in bed. As you can see, I wear these PJs as loungewear on the weekend when being cozy is a must. These are going to sell out quickly, so be sure to get yours soon!

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