Femme: A Fragrance By Me

I created this fragrance for women like me. Strong, independent women with a passion for fashion and a feminine side. We support ourselves but want to look, feel, and smell sexy while we do it. We are empowered and we choose what makes us happy.


Femme by Lindsay is all of that and more. I can’t wait for you to get a bottle of your own and experience this aromatic journey. Purchase and enjoy your very own 15mL bottle of my signature scent for $30. It was personally designed by me but was created for all of us.

Sophisticated spice blended with sweet vanilla top notes for a feminine scent. Hints of blackberry, florals, and sandalwood shine through to create depth. It’s soft enough to wear all day long, taking you from season to season with its subtle strength.

Take a peek through this album to learn about my journey to creating a signature scent of my own. Femme is inspired by my childhood favourite scents filled with sweet vanilla combined with my discontinued all-time favourite¬†“Contradiction” by Calvin Klein.

It is exactly the scent I hoped it would turn out to be. Sweet and sexy, kind of like me. I can’t get enough of it and wear it every chance I get. I wish computers could let you experience this smell, but until then, you will have to order your own.


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