Retail Therapy Required

I’m not even American and the stress of this election is kicking my ass. As a sexual assault survivor and as an intersectional feminist it has been intolerable to listen to the comments coming out of Trump’s campaign. His racism, sexism, and general bigotry should have resulted in him being shamed and kicked out in the primaries. The fact that he is even a candidate hurts. It hurts me as a white, able-bodied, Canadian. How must it feel to be one of the people he has specifically targetted? 

It must be terrifying to think that your family could be kicked out of your own home and “sent back” to a country you have never lived in, simply because of your religion. It must be horrifying to live in a country that is considering electing a confessed rapist to its highest office. It must be intimidating to see your potential future president make fun of you for being disabled or plus size. I just want to take a moment to say, “I’m sorry you are having to tolerate these comments and this entire election”.

I don’t want to in any way downplay the seriousness of this election or its potential impact on not only the US but the entire world. From what I understand the stock market has been taking a dive every time Trump does better in the polls. A stock market crash could devastate people financially and otherwise. All of these potential outcomes are so scary to me that I have finally realized the impact this election is having on my own stress and anxiety level. I needed to find a way to cope until we hear the results.

I’ve been doing my best to focus on free methods of self-care but I finally gave in this week and got myself some new booties, cute leggings, and a fab purse. I had been looking for a purse in this general cut and style for over a year now but never stumbled upon one that felt perfect. When I saw this cranberry coloured faux croc bag, I had to have it. It is the perfect on trend colour for this season that I know will carry through to winter. So here’s to retail therapy! Because that totally counts as self-care right?

Outfit Details:

Keyhole Top: Curvy Sense

Leggings: Old Navy

Booties & Purse: Urban Planet

Faux Leather Jacket: Torrid



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