Autumn Afternoon Lattes & Layers

It has been a perfect autumn so far. The weather has been lovely with minimal rain and lots of warm days. Every Canadian I know has experienced a November full of snow. So to be hanging out by the lake on a calm wind free day last weekend was an absolutely beautiful experience. Especially since I had one special pup and another special person along for the journey.

Autumn has always been a favourite season for those of us who love layers, but as a Canadian, I can say it often goes by way too quickly. That was especially true when I was living in Northern Ontario. Spring and fall barely even exist once you get that far north. You might get to wear a leather or jean jacket two days a year. It is so lovely to be back in a warmer climate before winter arrives. Hopefully, a short warm winter if I have my way.

I have to admit, though, I love the fashion of the season. Sure, call me a basic bitch or an average white girl, but I love scarves, knee-high boots, and chai lattes. All of which were in play on this day out. I’ve always loved the browns, oranges, and other neutral tones that are perfect for fall and complimented by the changing trees and falling leaves. I wanted to bring you a casual look for fall inspired by exactly that.


Outfit Details:

Jeggings: Torrid

Oversized Sweater: Old Navy

Wide Calf Boots: Just Fab 

Scarf: Similar

Sunglasses: Amazon

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