When Work Wear Doesn’t Work

I’ve got to be honest because I promised you that I would be, I don’t really understand the name BGN Workshop. I searched their website for some clue as to the meaning but couldn’t come up with an answer. It certainly doesn’t flow off the tongue very easily and I’m not sure it works. Having collaborated with eShakti before and planning an upcoming collaboration with Lurap, I think of customized sizing brands when I think of a workshop. Brands that will let you build the clothing item you want in their digital workshop.

Unfortunately, BGN Workshop does not offer customized sizing because this leopard print dress doesn’t fit as perfectly as it could. In my opinion it is too loose around the waist and bust, however, the arm bands (it has cap sleeves) are too tight and uncomfortable to wear. I also think the dress shows too much cleavage for its intended usage. To me, this is the perfect dress to wear to the office except for that feature. Perhaps this is only because it doesn’t fit me quite perfectly. By the way, I’m wearing a size 16.

It truly is unfortunate that this dress doesn’t fit as I intended because the quality is absolutely incredible. The dress is well made and completely lined with a built in slip and a functional but stiff collar. I would have loved it even more if it included pockets and if it was a bit shorter in the skirt length. I think it is too long on me and I am 5’8″ plus I’m wearing heels. I think it either needs to show less cleavage to be work appropriate or they should remove the collar and make it a night out look, again with a shorter skirt of course.


BGN Workshop has provided me with this dress as a part of our collaboration agreement. 

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