White Tee Shirt Worries

Want to know the last body part or clothing item I became comfortable with? Well, it involves my belly but it is specific to wearing a white t-shirt with jeans. Wearing a white t-shirt at any size requires a perfectly fitting skin toned bra at bare minimum but when you are plus size you may be worried about more than your undergarments. Many plus size women struggle with loving their unique rolls, folds, and pudgy bits because society has taught us to hate them. So when they are fully on display in a skin hugging, almost see through, white t-shirt, it can feel like we are really vulnerable, like we are on display despite being fully clothed.

Personally, I find this is okay with high waisted leggings as my body isn’t compressed in the same way it is when I wear jeans. Basically, my jeans ensure I have a muffin top and the white tee ensures everyone can see it. I still don’t quite understand why I’ve never felt as insecure in any other colour as I do white, but I suppose it comes from some silly fatshion rule. So since becoming body positive I have been challenging my perspective on what is and isn’t okay for me to wear. One of those challenges was to wear a tight white tee with jeans. Not just a white t-shirt with jeans though, I also wanted to tuck it in and I didn’t want to safety that comes with high-waisted pants.

Just for the final cherry on top, I paired it with a bomber jacket. I had no long flowing jacket or scarf to hide behind, just a cropped jacket that leaves little to the imagination. And guess what happened? Nothing. I felt sexy and stylish and brave, but otherwise, nothing happened. No one said anything about my wardrobe in a negative way, no one hated on my body, and no one stared at me despite me taking these photos in the middle of a residential street in downtown Kingston. People really aren’t paying as much attention to us as our egotistical brain would like us to believe. Rest assured that you can wear absolutely anything you want to and if you feel confident, people will love it!


Outfit Details:

Bomber Jacket – PinkCloveUK

Jeggings – Torrid

White Tee – AdditionElle

Booties – JustFab

Purse – UrbanPlanet


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