Absolutely Craving Cranberry Accessories

This is literally my favourite outfit right now, too bad it is about to snow and force me to layer up much more. Luckily, the construction wrapped up this week and so I had a last minute chance to explore my new rooftop patio. I got to go up once early in the summer but could only make use of the most boring 4-foot section that was still open. It is actually a huge space with a lot to offer. I can’t wait until next summer when I can fully appreciate its beauty and enjoy all it has to offer, but it was nice to explore it a bit on such a gorgeous day before the weather changes so dramatically overnight.

As you can see here there is a gorgeous gazebo, which apparently lights up at night and I can imagine would be absolutely romantic on a hot summer night. Especially if all of these flower pots are normally well tended to. Which knowing this condo building, they are. There are a few picnic tables, several lounge chairs for sunbathing, and shared gas BBQs. Finally, there is a large faux grass section that I am pretty sure is covering up what used to be a rooftop pool. Now it features a huge collection of Muskoka Chairs.


Tragically, the pool was removed before I moved in but I have heard rumours from the long term tenants. Isn’t it sad that they took away one of the best features ever? I do have an indoor pool downstairs and a new outdoor pool shared with another building that is open during the summer months, but closed the second Labour Day is over. It is beautiful but it just doesn’t top a rooftop pool, especially when you already live on the top floor of the building. I loved snapping these photos with my favourite cranberry coloured accessories while I explored all my rooftop patio has to offer.

Outfit Details:

Bag & Booties: Urban Planet

Felt Hat: Joe Fresh

Tunic & Leggings: Old Navy

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