Celebrating the Kinkston Carnaval

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a local event called the Kinkston Carnaval. So yes, that is a play on words with “kink” and Kingston, which is where I live. Now that might scare some of you away and intrigue others but I truly hope you will all stay and choose to read on. Please note that the content in this post is intended for adults and will discuss sex, sexuality, bdsm, and sex toys. However, these things are nothing to be ashamed of and probably more popular and common than you imagine.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may recall me mentioning that I was heading out to an event wearing lingerie and not much more, well I was heading to the Kinkston Carnaval. It is a fundraiser for a charity we call HARS that supports HIV+ individuals in the community and has become an unofficial gathering for queers like myself. I haven’t been so excited to attend an event since my first Burlesque show.


Thankfully, the event lived up to my expectations and actually exceeded them. When my date and I entered the hall I immediately knew that I wouldn’t be out of place with my wardrobe choice. I’m wearing a corset from Got Curves, undies from Big Tights, and faux suspender pantyhose from Shoppers Drug Mart. Shockingly these tights are actually one-size fits all (aka one size fits a few) and they fit me perfectly, so if you are a size 16-18 don’t be afraid to give them a try.


We headed into the main room to grab some drinks and were greeted with go-go dancers, fabulous music and a crowd gathered around some rope tying demonstrations and suspension performers. Almost everyone was dressed like I was although my date looked fantastic more suited up. The important point was that everyone was welcome and no one was judging. There was some top nudity, but nothing that isn’t fully legal in Ontario. Downstairs had flogging demonstrations as well.

So in the spirit of all things kink and sexy, I wanted to share with you my ultimate holiday gift guide for the sex positive feminist. Included in this list is the feather tickler you saw in the photos above. Unbound is run by women and it is queer friendly so you can shop ethically and without guilt. Plus if you use the coupon code “Lindsay25” you can save 25% off your entire purchase. So what are you waiting for? Even the person on your list that has everything could use a new toy or two, treat them or yourself before the coupon expires on Wednesday. Have fun!


This post contains affiliate links from both Got Curves and Unbound.

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