Old Navy’s Oppressive Plus Size Options

I was excited for Cyber Monday because I figured it would be the perfect chance to stock up on basics from my favourite source for leggings, Old Navy. Especially since they finally came out with a fabulous high waisted version of the compression leggings I’ve been obsessed with for so long. I buy a few pairs every winter and I wear them until the thighs are completely worn out. Unfortunately, they are often out of stock because they are so popular (turns out they must have been sold out completely and their website hadn’t updated because I just finally received my order today when their normal turnaround time is a couple days). In fact, despite me wanting to buy 3 of the high waist version, I was only able to get one pair and two pairs of medium rise. When I noticed they were sold out in XL in the mainstream sizing I popped over to the plus size section to see if there were any 1X’s available. That’s when I noticed some major problems with the plus size section.


The first is glaringly obvious. The leggings are two completely different sizes, with the plus size version coming in at a whole $12 more than the standard size version. WTF?!?! I have never seen such a dramatic difference from a mainstream store that has always tried to profess they are inclusive of all body types. These are the exact same pants and to be perfectly clear about my point above, XL and 1X will barely be different in size. I would be comfortable wearing both. (I’ve written about Curvy Privilege before and this is a prime example of how I have more options as a size 16 than larger plus size women.) How on earth does Old Navy justify this additional cost? Even one or two dollars more would bother me but $12? That just doesn’t add up. Why not meet in the middle and charge $38 for all sizes of that type of legging? I just don’t understand why a brand would endure the negative PR that will come from this type of decision when other options would have been so easy? One of which is to admit that their profit margin is more than large enough to simply remove this added cost altogether and charge everyone $33 for their leggings.


But it doesn’t end there! Old Navy also seems to think that while straight size women come in three different heights; petite, regular, and tall – apparently plus size women are all the exact same height. I mean really? If anything the curves that come along with being plus size may mean that we want different lengths to accommodate different body shapes that are all technically the same size. This is as true of leggings as it is of skirts, jeans, and shorts. We all want options regardless of what size we are and brands need to realize that we want to shop and will happily give them our money if they simply provide us with some choices we like. We are not actually asking for anything special, we are simply asking to be treated fairly and equal to our straight size sisters. Giving us anything less than that is the definition of oppression and I refuse to settle for less. Even if I was able to save money by buying the XL from the straight size range, I intend to use my privilege to speak out against this type of pricing travesty. Old Navy, you need to do better. Apologize and correct your mistake immediately. You are better than this and we deserve better than this.


Outfit Details:

Leggings: Old Navy

Booties: Urban Planet

Bomber Jacket: Pink Clove UK

White Tee Shirt: AdditionElle

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