Can A Feminist Love Corsets?

Can a feminist love corsets? Does saying yes, make me a bad one? Is it more or less shameful to feminists than my love of kink and BDSM? Was the fact that I pose in my underwear and blog about it enough to make you doubt my holding feminist as a title? Which one would you insist should force me to give up my feminist card? Well, if you ask me, the answer is none. I truly believe that as long as one possesses a critical analysis of the things we enjoy, we are free to enjoy them.


Let’s take the argument further to my desire to remove most of my own body hair. I prefer the way it feels to be clean shaven, from my arms to my legs and everywhere in between. I know that women naturally have hair on their body parts and that we have been convinced as a society that we must be clean shaven to be a feminine person. The majority of us have bought into the myth that bare is beautiful when really it is just one option available to us.


The same goes for wearing corsets. It certainly isn’t for everyone, in fact, it probably isn’t for most. But I do like the way they feel. I like the way they make me sit up tall and support my spine. I have less lower back pain when I wear one for a bit. I like the way they make my body look, especially the way they emphasize the curves I used to hate. For so long I absolutely hated by curves, especially my hips and thighs and since I’ve learned to embrace them, I like looking at them and showing them off.


Plus, I mentioned the joy I get from kink and BDSM, specifically the bondage part of it. So I absolutely love the act of having my girlfriend tie my tighter and tighter into a great quality corset. The cheaper ones are very easy to tie up on your own because they are really meant for costume lingerie, not body shaping. Quality corsets have much stronger boning and take a bit more effort to get into properly.


I found it was best to slowly tighten it by working from the top to the bottom and then back through the same process a few times until you reach the desired tightness. And as I mentioned above, it is nice to have extra hands to help out. Getting the back privacy panel lined up perfectly was another good reason to have some help. But I enjoyed the process and if you don’t maybe corsets aren’t for you.


Comparing this corset to other corsets I have worn before the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable it was to wear because the boning didn’t bend when I sat down and the underarm area was made to fit the human body. I have found that cheaper models dig into my armpit leaving a bit of a pain the next day. You can see in the photos here that all of the seams stayed firm even when I bend or turn.


Ultimately a corset is about making the waist smaller in order to emphasize the breasts, hips, and butt so this review wouldn’t be complete without me commenting on its ability to do so. I have a natural 36-inch waist and this is a size 32-inch corset. I actually forgot to measure myself while I had it on but I think these photos easily demonstrate at least a 2-inch difference, but I’d guess 3 inches, to be honest. With time I can work my way down to the full 4-inch reduction, but I’m loving this look already.


As I’ve said before, no one is obligated to alter their body in any way in order to be deserving of human dignity, respect, and love. However, the same is true for people who want to alter their body whether because of the way it looks or because of the way it feels. My hope is that we also have a critical analysis of the beauty and diet industries if we are choosing to engage with them. Finally, I believe that we always need to be transparent.

Transparent about our use of makeup, hair products, lighting, filters, and yes cosmetic procedures and body modifying wardrobe items like corsets and Spanx. We owe that to our fellow women and to people of love them to. We need to acknowledge when the images we see are altered in any way from our truly natural born selves. Doing so will help to contribute to a more body positive world around us.


These items were provided to me as a part of multiple collaboration agreements with          Corsettery and Glamory Hosiery.

7 thoughts on “Can A Feminist Love Corsets?

  1. From where I sit, you look 100 times better than any underweight fashion model.
    Well done for your positive outlook, great curves, and lovely smile. Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes from England, Pete.


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