Last Minute Gift Ideas For Body Positive Babes

Are you still doing your holiday shopping, like me? I’m normally quite well organized and ready for the holiday season well in advance but this year is an exception. One major gift for someone very special was finally sorted out today. I still have at least two more gifts to purchase tomorrow on December 23rd. And I have absolutely no wrapping paper or gift cards to use. So it is a good thing I have the day off work to take care of these last minute purchases before our celebrations begin on December 24th.

When it comes to last minute options our choices are sometimes limited by what we can pick up locally since shipping takes too long to reach us in time. This is why we need to think outside of the box and get creative with our gift giving skills. So here are a few ideas that I think the body positive babes in your life will appreciate receiving. Having access to a printer will make all the difference here so you have something, a gift certificate, for example, to hand the person you are trying to treat to something special.

  1. FabUplus magazine subscription for one year at only $25 CAD and it ships worldwide.
  2. KIVA gift certificates that give back to those in need of a hand up as well.
  3. A gift certificate to custom design lingerie from Impish Lee – 10% off with this link.
  4. Reservations to fun, local, and accessible activities you can enjoy together.
  5. Subscription to this amazing Unbound sex toy gift box – use Lindsay30 to save 30%.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Love Me Better Henley Style Midi Dress from RebDolls

Belt: Leopard Print Faux Fur Skinny Belt from Old Navy

Last Minute.png

This amazing Love Me Better Henley Style Midi dress was provided to me by Reb Dolls complimentary as a part of our collaboration agreement.

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