“Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Book Review

Thank goodness for audio books! Not only do they make books all the more accessible to people with different abilities but they also make it easy to squeeze in a whole book while driving from family to friends to family again over the holiday season. I simply wouldn’t have had the time to read the entire book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls yet if it didn’t come in its very own audio version perfect for listening to in the car. The best part is, it is actually read to you by Jes Baker herself. I love when the author is also the narrator, especially when the book has memoir like aspects to it as this one does.


Having only now finished listening to the book I am immediately aware of how similar my tips for body positivity are to some of the suggestions made by @TheMilitantBaker. She specifically mentions following a number of fat positive pages on Tumblr, which as most of us activists know, was the original source of fat-spiration. Instagram has been a recent addition to the mix but because it is much less tolerant of nudity and fat bodies it still lags behind the original in terms of true acceptance. Regardless of the source, we both agree that surrounding ourselves with images of people who look like us and others that are not often seen in the mainstream media made a huge difference in our journey to radical self-love. The power of social media is huge when it comes to body positivity.

Jes Baker also agrees with me that fatshion bloggers are not only a source of inspiration and a way to learn to love our bodies but that the simple action of taking photos of ourselves and sharing them with the world is radical and a form of activism. Our #SelfiesForSelfLove are literally changing the world. Seriously, the visual landscape around us has been changed as a result of our ability to contribute our own images to the public forum. We are no longer forced to accept the status quo and we are taking back our power by choosing exactly what media we consume. But beyond that, we are also creating the type of media we want to see because waiting for others to do so got us nowhere.

The book has various sections busting the myth that fat people can or cannot do certain activities, for example, doing a cannonball into a public pool or wearing clothes that break fashion rules for fat women. Jes literally tests the waters for the rest of us and everything goes fine, the world and its inhabitants survived. Where the barriers persist, for example, in the case of flying while fat, Baker offers helpful suggestions to get you comfortably seated on the plane without much extra hassle or additional cost. I found the Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls to be entertaining and helpful in terms of keeping me on track with my body positive journey. I’m sure you will love it if you enjoy reading my blog.


The author is a radical fat activist and an intersectional feminist, not simply someone grasping onto the body positive revolution for her own gain. She’s one of the original badass body positive babes. This is emphasized by the fact that the book has been published by Seal Press, one of my favourite publishing companies because of their commitment to raising feminist voices and theory. I highly recommend this book (or audio version) for anyone on a journey to body positivity or feminists looking to educate themselves on fat activism. For that reason, I have partnered with Seal Press to include this and two other books in my upcoming Blog-Anniversary giveaway which will be launching on January 6th, one year after my first post on this blog.


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Polka Dot Mock Collar & Sweater: Yours Clothing UK

Books and clothing featured in this blog post were provided to me complimentary by Seal Press and Yours Clothing UK as a part of our collaboration agreement. 

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