New Year, Same You, Different View

Here’s the thing about New Years, it could be an absolutely beautiful time of year. It could be a time for reflection, especially since most of us get a day off from work and quite frankly from doing much else because everyone is also off and at home. It could be a time for relaxation and renewal for all the same reasons. It could be a time to spend with friends, family, and other loved ones. Instead, it is a time of year when a huge number of people are made to feel shitty about their bodies as a result of the massive influx of diet, exercise, and weight loss advertisements.


Positioned as the solution to all of our problems these weight loss ads end up weighing down our souls with guilt and shame. They only succeed by making us hate our bodies, and ultimately by making us hate ourselves. They attempt to teach us that we are only as worthy as our dress size or the number on the scale. But deep down, we know we are worth so much more, that it is our soul that is worthy of admiration. Our achievements and our kindness make us valuable to those around us and to society as a whole.


So this year, instead of setting body hating resolutions that make you miserable, commit to loving the same you and to developing a different view of your body instead of trying to change it. Instead of devoting your energy to a new fad diet, that probably won’t work anyway, how about you focus on learning to eat intuitively? Instead of spending hours at the gym you absolutely hate, how about your spend your time taking #SelfiesForSelfLove? Instead of buying into diet culture, how about you embrace body positive living?


Here are my body positive resolutions for 2017, and I can tell you that they work because I’ve spent the last year living my life this way and I’ve never loved my body more than I do right now. I hope they inspire you to set your own body loving goals for the upcoming year.

  1. I resolve to eat whatever I want when I want and to never ignore any signs of hunger.
  2. I resolve to never workout in a way that makes me feel miserable or uncomfortable.
  3. I resolve to take and share on social media as many selfies as I want, without shame.
  4. I resolve to never feel guilty about not going to yoga practice, no excuses necessary.
  5. I resolve to wear whatever I want regardless of any fashion rules I may be breaking.


This post contains complimentary items from Corsettery and Impish Lee as part of our collaboration agreement. In case you think wearing a corset is not body positive, please read this.

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