One Year Later: A Blogger’s First Year In Review

It’s been one year since I started the Body Positive Babe blog on January 6th, 2016. Interesting in that 6 is my favourite number and yet I just realized this coincidence now as I typed out the full date. Also, a pretty cool coincidence is the fact that this is my 100th blog post, a double celebration! So I thought, especially as it is also a new calendar year, it would be a good time to reflect on all I have accomplished. 2016 was the year I created and launched my own blog, but also my very own signature scent! Plus I have all the details on a huge giveaway valued at over $500 total, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Publications I Was Featured In

  1. Love U Magazine
  2. FabUplus Magazine
  3. Friends of Marilyn Podcast
  4. The Curvy Podcast
  5. Buzzfeed Website
  6. Bustle Website
  7. Brand Newsletters
  8. Tainted Elegance Book
  9. Several Online Interviews
  10. Various Blog Mentions

My Most Popular Blog Posts

  1. Goodbye Body Positivity, Hello Fat Activism
  2. Selfies For Self Love
  3. 7 Body Positive Podcasts You Will Love
  4. Die Diet Talk, Die
  5. Where Are All The Butch Bopo Babes?
  6. 2016: The Summer of Swimwear
  7. Sex & Kink Positivity
  8. Curvy Kate & Dear Scantilly
  9. Body Positivity’s Race Problem
  10. Becoming Perfectly Body Positive

I’m honoured to be a regular columnist with Love U Magazine and to have had my writing published in FabUplus Magazine. Being interviewed by the Curvy Podcast and having my Goodbye Body Positivity, Hello Fat Activism post featured on the Friends of Marilyn Podcast was truly a highlight of the year. Thanks to Buzzfeed, Bustle, and the authors of each post that included my Snapchat or Instagram account. A shoutout to all the brands that included me in their newsletters. Writing my story for the book Tainted Elegance which launched in February was incredibly healing and a huge part of my self-love journey, I’m glad to be able to share it with all of you. Finally, thanks to the individual body positive bloggers that either mentioned me as an influence or interviewed me in 2016. And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of my readers, you all rock!

Brands I’ve Partnered With

  1. Curvy Sense
  2. Seal Press
  3. eShakti
  4. Bioré Skincare
  5. Point Zero Curvy
  6. Curvy Kate
  7. Modi Bodi
  8. Sculptresse by Panache
  9. Lashes N Lace
  10. Joe Scrub
  11. Becca Etc
  12. Big Tights
  13. SWAK Designs
  14. Trösta Box
  15. Organic Aromas
  16. Evangeline Rose Swim
  17. Got Curves
  18. Penningtons
  19. JustFab
  20. Farmacy
  21. Pink Clove UK
  22. Ms Pomelo Bras
  23. Swimsuits For All
  24. Yours Clothing UK
  25. Glamory Hosiery
  26. AdditionElle
  27. Reb Dolls
  28. LurAp
  29. Sorella Swimwear
  30. Crave Boudoir
  31. Impish Lee
  32. Unbound Box
  33. Neon Moon
  34. BGN Workshop
  35. Fragrance By Me
  36. Society +

Wow, that is a huge list! Especially for my first year as a plus size blogger. I honestly hadn’t thought about it until I typed up this full list. If you would like to see any reviews, just enter the brand name in the search bar. You can find the site search box on the right side panel or below the content of this post depending on the device you are using to read my blog. I look forward to working with these and many new brands as well as other bloggers/activists in 2017. I can’t wait to see what creative collaborations I have the privilege of being involved in, especially given how much fun launching my very own perfume and designing my own customized lingerie was. I’ve been given so many opportunities as a result of blogging and I am grateful for each and every one.

One year of blogging, a reflection from MsLindsayM, body positive blogger, fat activist and lingerie influencer.

So let’s get to this giveaway because I know you want to find out how you can win over $500 worth of prizes from Impish Lee Lingerie, Got Curves, Evangeline Rose Swimwear, Yours Clothing, Seal Press, and Femme the fragrance. First, in order to enter, you must follow all of the involved brands (and me) on Instagram and you must be 18 years or older. Brand new and contest based accounts are not permitted to enter, sorry. Then you have several options on how to enter so you can choose one, two, or do all of the following steps for even more chances to win. The contest closes on January 15th and the winner will be announced in my Instagram story on January 16th. Good luck!

  1. Comment on this blog post saying that you completed all of the steps below (#2-#6) for the bonus, the maximum number of entries is twenty-one = 6 entries.
  2. Repost the contest image on Instagram in your feed, your account must be public. Include all contest details and use the hashtag #BodyPosiBabeGiveaway = 5 entries.
  3. Repost the contest image and tag @MsLindsayM in your Instagram story = 4 entries.
  4. Tag two bopo friends below the contest photo on Instagram & like photo = 3 entries.
  5. Follow @LindzMcAllister on Twitter, like and retweet the contest photo = 2 entries.
  6. Like the MsLindsayM page on Facebook, like contest photo and comment with the hashtag #BodyPositiveBabeGiveaway on the contest photo = 1 entry.

Thanks so much to all who entered, the prize draw was conducted and the winner is… @mosaic_mystery

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Please Note:

Contest prizes will be shipped to the prize winner directly from the sponsoring brand. MsLindsayM, the contest host, cannot be held responsible for any undelivered packages as a result. All prizes are provided complimentary by the brands listed above as a part of our collaboration agreement.

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