The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!

Yep, I know, that’s a huge title but I honestly feel that this one brand is completely deserving of being awarded for the best body positive campaign ever! I say this for a few reasons. First, they have already done two full photo shoots and resulting advertisements for this new campaign. They have shown a strong commitment to keeping their ads body positive and inclusive moving forward. They promised the first one wouldn’t be a one off and they have actually stayed true to their word. Second, the brand has always worked with diverse models and a wide range of bloggers, myself included, so this move to include real women seems natural and not forced as it does with so many other brands. 

The third, and in my opinion, most important reason this brand deserves to be awarded for their commitment to body positive advertisements is their real life inclusivity. This is not the type of ad that features 5 skinny white women and only one curvy white woman or a few racially diverse plus-size women that seem to drop the ball on intersectionality. This brand has included people with amputations, alopecia, birth marks, and those using assistive devices. They have also included women who have recovered from disordered eating, plus size women, trans women, women of colour, and older women. These identities are never hidden away and always celebrated, demonstrating that beauty comes in all shapes, abilities, sizes, shades, and forms.

So who is this fabulous brand you ask? Well, it is Curvy Kate, of course! Their advertising campaign for the Scantilly line stands alone as the most body positive campaign from a mainstream lingerie company that I have ever seen. Plus, isn’t it fabulous that they make such scandalously sexy bra and undie sets for larger breast sizes? I just love this brand and their customer service team is absolutely amazing too. I’m wearing their Fixate Tattoo lingerie set (size 34E/XL) in the photos in this post and here are some gorgeous babes rocking the full Scantilly collection by Curvy Kate. Just looking at these advertisements makes me feel beautiful! When was the last time you could say that, I mean really?


The lingerie in this post was provided to me complimentarily by Curvy Kate as a part of our collaboration agreement but I am happy to promote such an amazingly inclusive brand.

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