LURAP: Love UR Appearance

What’s the biggest difference between looking really put together or even faking a designer look and looking like you are wearing fast fashion off the rack? In my opinion, tailoring makes all of the difference. Clothes that fit properly just look better on all body types. I realize that having access to handmade clothes or a tailor is a luxury that many cannot afford but there are a few companies out there doing their best to provide this service at an affordable price. LURAP is one of those clothing brands and they are new to the plus size fatshion scene so I’ve got the secret to a 20% discount code. 


LURAP stands for Love UR Appearance as the title of the blog post indicates or at least hints at. They are a body positive company offering sizes XS – 7XL and beyond with their customizable options. For example, this dress is made to measure for my body type. I also asked them to add pockets to the dress, yes, they can basically add pockets to any item with the simple click of a box. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! Can I just permanently check this box, please? I also asked them to take the full length sleeves up to 3/4 length since you may have noticed my sleeves usually end up rolled up to there anyway.

I’m really impressed with the customer service and shipping from LURAP. Despite one hiccup, they were able to work with me to get my concerns corrected easily, without hassle. I don’t expect perfection but I do expect good service when things happen to go wrong as they occasionally do. I know this dress will be making a regular appearance in my wardrobe cycle, especially in the warm months when I can go without tights as I did for this indoor photo shoot. I promise to bring you better quality photos when I do. For now, you can get 20% off your purchase by signing up for the LURAP e-mail newsletter.


This dress was provided to me complimentary by LURAP as part of our collaboration agreement. They also provided me with this Pussy Bow Blouse for a bit of a “business lady tie” theme.

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