My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby

Are you familiar with the term Instagram or blog husband? Well if you aren’t, basically it is the person behind the blogger or influencer, the one taking all of those amazing photos. They make blogging more accessible to those of us who simply cannot afford to hire a professional photographer every time we want to do an outfit post. Blog husbands also act as creative director to the photos that simply can’t be achieved with a basic tripod selfie. So as the saying goes, “behind every cute girl on social media, there is an Instagram husband and a brick wall”. Well finally, I am so grateful to have found an amazing blog hubby of my very own! Even if she wasn’t always super excited about the request.

I’ve got to wholeheartedly thank my fabulous girlfriend Kelly for sticking it out and helping me achieve these fabulous outfit photos. Despite me generally having some very specific ideas about blog photo shoot locations and themes, it was new my blog husband who took control of this one. So this brings up an important point, “Instagram hubby” is a term that is free of gender and relationship status. Sometimes, they are your best friend who happens to be trans, sometimes they are your straight boyfriend, and other times they are your butch wife. The term simply means the person who photographs the face of the blog, the blogger, another gender neutral term.

This can be quite the taxing task, though. As the comedy youtube video making fun of the status points out, it involves a lot of awkward climbing and squatting in an attempt to get the perfect angle. Or waiting for your friend/partner/wife to photograph your shoes while you dangerously cross the street. Or being unable to drink your mimosas at brunch until the moment is properly documented for social media. Their job is one of little reward because the praise goes to the blogger themselves, the face. So I want to take a moment to specifically thank my new blog hubby for all her help taking these beautiful photos. It was a fun shoot and served to remind us we should be playing pool much more often.

Outfit Details

Keyhole Blouse UK Size 18 – I would size down but can wear as is – Yours Clothing

Lace Pencil Skirt UK Size 18 – I would size down as it is tied in the back – Yours Clothing

Black Velvet Pump Style Heels Size 9.5 and fit perfectly – Just Fab Shoes


The outfit in this post was provided to me by the brands listed above as a part of our collaboration agreement. This post also contains some affiliate links which provide me a small commission.

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