The Power of Loving What You Wear

Two years ago would I have ever worn thigh high boots and a mini dress? Absolutely not! I’d have been hiding under leggings, an oversized tunic, and ballet flats. That was basically my go to wardrobe for so long I forgot other clothes even existed. I’d walk through clothing stores looking for long shirts with an empire waist and I’d stock up on thick leggings whenever I found them on sale. I’d purchase one pair of ballet flats and one pair of flat knee high boots a year and wear them until they broke. It was my uniform and it was the only thing I felt comfortable wearing. Honestly, though, I wasn’t excited by or happy with my wardrobe, it just (barely) worked.

Thankfully, I found fatshion bloggers and body positive activists that changed my outlook on what my body could and couldn’t wear. Basically, I learned that I could wear whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to wear things traditionally reserved for fat girls. I tossed my tunics, bought some heels, and held onto my leggings but found new pants, dresses, and skirts that I liked as well. You may recall a post I wrote about a year ago about my journey to try breaking a bunch of different Fatshion Faux Pas rules. I proved to myself that I could wear things like jumpsuits, horizontal stripes, and bodycon dresses and I’m so glad I did.

That journey led me to the place I am today, wearing a mini dress that I designed myself with the help of LURAP paired with thigh high boots that actually fit my thick thighs. But today I realized something even further about my fashion choices… wearing clothes I love not only makes me feel better about my body, it actually makes me feel happier overall. Having an outfit I am excited to wear makes me want to get out there and have a productive day. It makes me feel powerful, capable and put together. It is for exactly these reasons that having clothing options for people of all shapes and sizes is so important.


These photos were taken on location at Starbucks in Kingston, Ontario by my amazing girlfriend and blog husband, Kelly. This dress from LURAP was provided to me complimentary as a part of our collaboration agreement. You can find thigh high boots similar to these ones online at JustFab.

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