5 Ways Body Positivity Changed My Life

I’ve written before about ways to become more body positive but what is the payoff? What results are you going to achieve by joining this radical self-love movement? Of course, these will vary depending on the individual, but overall I noticed 5 major ways that body positivity has changed my life. Needless to say, they are all changes for the better.


I wear whatever I want. From short skirts to swimsuits and bodycon dresses to lingerie, I wear whatever I want to wear and refuse to feel limited by rules associated with my body type. I used to hide my body under tunics and maybe the odd loose fitting maxi dress but now I have learned to love showing off whenever I can. I prefer clothes that help me embrace my feminine side and that often means highlighting my curves. I’m also back to wearing heels, something I temporarily stopped because it draws so much attention and I wanted to avoid being seen. Having the freedom to wear what I want is so powerful I actually wrote a post about it.


I eat what I want whenever I want. That is going to sound terrifying to some of you, and I know because I used to struggle with disordered eating. Back then, the idea of eating whatever and whenever I wanted would have seemed daunting to me as well. Needless to say, I am much happier now. No more counting calories or considering how much fat an item has in it. I simply listen to my body and when I feel hungry, I eat. I eat whenever I feel hungry, not only if it is a meal time. I eat what I crave and never restrict myself from eating a specific food. All options are available to me at all times, from fish and vegetables to pasta and ice cream. I will never ever diet again, I promise you that.


I quit the gym and I don’t feel guilty about it. I have always hated working out. I’d do just about anything to get out of Phys. Ed. class in both elementary and high school. Anytime I’d sign up for a gym membership I’d end up regretting it. I’d hate going the whole time but totally give up on it ever becoming something I’d enjoy about a month or two into the one-year commitment. I’d feel so guilty for any day I’d miss going to the gym and try to make up for it by hiking with my dog or doing yoga at home. If I wasn’t active “enough”, whatever that means, I felt guilty. Now I have a discounted unlimited monthly yoga studio membership but I don’t go for exercise, I go for relaxation, mindfulness meditation, healing, and a good stretch. Most importantly, I only go when I really want to. Although I’d go more if their restorative yoga schedule fit mine better.


I don’t care what I weigh or what size I wear anymore. In fact, I have no idea what I weigh. I’m sure it is over 200 pounds but I don’t know by how much and I don’t care. I realized that not knowing didn’t change my life at all. In fact, there is an entire period in history when people had no idea what they weighed and they coped just fine. Yet, somehow we have become a society obsessed with these numbers. I know my measurements and my corresponding dress size because it makes ordering clothes online easy. There is a practical application to knowing what size I wear but it doesn’t serve me to attach a moral value to that size. My measurements don’t increase or decrease my worth and now that I know that I am not controlled by those numbers.


I’m no longer offended when people openly criticize my body. I used to be devastated when someone insulted my body, especially if they called me fat. That word had more power than the word ugly. Now I know that I am fat but I also know there is nothing wrong with that. I have taken back that word and now I hold its power instead of allowing it to be used against me. As I wrote about recently on this blog, when someone calls me fat now, I simply reply by saying, “so what?” and walking away while they stand there confused.


Outfit Details:

Black Turtleneck & Plaid Mini Skirt – Yours Clothing UK

Thigh High Boots – Just Fab Online

Green Peacoat – Old Navy (Several Seasons Ago)

Cranberry Handbag – Urban Planet

Sunglasses – Local Retailer in Kingston

This post features clothes from Yours Clothing UK that was provided to me complimentary as a part of our collaboration agreement. Search “Yours Clothing” on my blog to see more from the brand.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways Body Positivity Changed My Life

  1. I love that jacket/bag combination! And this post is so real. Having the agency to decide what you eat, whether or not you work out and how, and wearing whatever the hell you want is SO freeing! I’m right there with ya, sis.

    Liked by 1 person

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