Can Plus Size Women Wear White In Winter?

Can you wear white in the winter? A few years ago we might have still been confused by this fashion rule and avoided wearing white after Labour Day, but now we know better. Or do we? Does that rule cancellation apply to all shapes and sizes? Or only some? Are plus size women allowed to wear white? Not only in the winter but any season at all?


Well, I certainly think so. Although I have to admit, there is a tiny part of me that initially wondered if I could pull off a white dress. Would it make me look even bigger than I already do? Would it highlight my bra line back fat and the cellulite present on my thighs? I don’t think it does, but ultimately who cares, we deserve to wear what we love!

I think you can plainly see that the outfit works on me regardless of my size, which means white will probably work on you too. So don’t be afraid to give it a try. In this winter look, I’ve combined the Reb Dolls Crossover Dress in White with their Black Waterfall Duster, Black Boots, and Cranberry Winter Accessories. Do the same with your fave colour.


Spring could be easy, leaving the dress plain and pairing it with neutral colour shoes in almost any style. For a night out, it could easily be complimented by strappy heels and jewellery. For a layered option, pair it with a bomber jacket and ballet flats for a casual put together look that actually took very little effort. Add a choker necklace to stay on trend.

Want to wear this same dress in the summer? Put on some casual flat sandals, I’m thinking something gladiator style that would match your favourite floppy hat. A great outfit for dinner on the dock at that local restaurant you love. And this dress has lots of stretch to it so don’t hesitate to order dessert. Actually, always order dessert. Always.


This blog post contains clothes from RebDolls that were provided to me free as a part of our ambassador agreement. Photos were taken in downtown Kingston, Ontario outside the James Brett hair salon. James Brett was my first client as a straight size model back in 2003 for a hair show.


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