Why I Don’t Want To Be A Plus Model

I’m serious, I don’t. Want to be a plus model that is. You may not already be aware of this, but, many fatshion bloggers and even body positive activists have an end goal of becoming a plus size model. In a few rare cases, it has actually become reality. Regardless, it isn’t a goal of mine and here’s why. 


I was a professional working model for 4 years and a model agent for 3 years. I know what it is like to wake up before sunrise to spend hours in hair and makeup getting ready for a swimsuit shoot. I also know what it is like to shoot in the freezing cold and while sweating since editorials and ad campaigns need to be shot in advance of the season they are intended to be worn in. I’d much rather just live my life and have my blog husband snap photos of me along the way, as I wear clothes already available for sale.


I love blogging. I’m free to wear what I want and I’m allowed to have an opinion. I can openly express my feminist beliefs and use my platform to speak out on behalf of marginalized people, including myself. While this is ultimately a fatshion blog, I often use this platform to share my thoughts on current issues. Models have traditionally been expected to keep their opinions to themselves and wear what they are told.


I can work when I want, as in, I set my own schedule but also as in I don’t have an agency to report back to, I’m my own boss. It gives me the freedom to still keep my full-time job, which I absolutely adore. It means if the weather is crap or I don’t feel well, I can just delay the shoot without disappointing a whole team of stylists and the photographer. Same goes for if the clothes don’t arrive in time. Ultimately, it is far less stressful overall.


I get a ton of free clothes as a blogger. Modeling jobs got me paid, but I rarely got to keep the clothes I was modeling. With blogging, almost every item you’ve seen me wear on this blog was provided to me free. I love fashion so that’s a major perk. Of course, there are also ways that bloggers can (and do) earn income from their websites. In fact, in many cases, bloggers are taking jobs from models and earning more than they do.


Which leads me to the next reason I don’t want to be a model. There simply aren’t as many jobs as there used to be, yet it still requires the legwork of attending casting calls. Social media has created the influencer in place of the traditional model or spokesperson. While we see traditional beauty standards and privilege gaining their usual benefit in social media as well, overall, access is more democratic than it ever was with the modeling industry which was controlled by agents and casting directors.


I have no interest in the “who is pretty enough to be a model” debate anymore. I think the industry still has some pretty standard definitions of beauty that aren’t welcoming to most. Model agents, agencies, and casting directors are still the gatekeepers between models and clients. I prefer blogging because it is accessible to anyone with a camera and a computer. Brands are open to working with a wide range of bloggers; there is no requirement to have supermodel looks or a specific body type.


This post features clothes from Yours Clothing UK that was provided to me complimentary as a part of our collaboration agreement. Search “Yours Clothing” on my blog to see more from the brand.

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