A Night Out With Yours Clothing

I love introducing you to plus size brands that are accessibly priced, easy to wear, and on trend. This size range goes from 14 to 36 in UK sizing, which is the equivalent of size 12 to 34 in US sizing. Or, in the sizing system that I think makes the most sense, the European one, they offer sizes 42 to 64. Needless to say, Yours Clothing is a pretty great example of a brand that is offering something for almost every size from inbetweener to plus size.


I like the European system because the size I wear correlates with the largest part of my body. For example, my chest measurement is a 44 and I wear a 44. My hips measure at 47 inches and I usually wear a size 46. They are based on an actual number not just something made up based on a predetermined size range.

I love how this brand not only stocks formal dresses at affordable prices like this one I’ve featured here, but they also sell everything from jeans to lingerie. In fact, I’ve featured blouses, skirts, turtlenecks, ponchos, and sweaters from Yours Clothing on my blog before, I just love them that much. I’m sure this won’t be the last time either.


I’ve paired this burgundy dress with blush nails to reflect their trend of the season. You may have noticed my obsession with the cranberry / burgundy colour trend but adding blush into the mix is a bit of a diversion for me. I wanted to try something like in the hopes of encouraging spring to return as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, that seems pretty unlikely today given I ventured outside to find at least a foot of new snow around lunch today. So instead of trying to find a place to take photos of this dress outside, we stayed inside and got a bit creative. The shoot was complicated by trying to keep the elevator doors open for long enough to get the shot.

Needless to say, it was still fun while it lasted but by the end of any good shoot, I’m usually a bit parched and ready for a good beverage. Luckily this time we came fully prepared with sparkling cider, our New Years’ Eve romantic horse-drawn carriage ride, and champagne flutes. A great way to celebrate our first Valentine’s weekend together.


This blog post contains clothes from Yours Clothing UK that were provided to me complimentary as a part of our collaboration agreement. However, I am always honest about my opinion of any item.


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