Spring Trends: Mesh & Floral

I recently made a post on Instagram about the spring trends I had previously seen on the runways and I am now seeing in the stores and online. The one that topped the list, in my opinion, was floral prints. I think it is the perfect spring trend as flowers are literally starting to bloom all around us.


I’m particularly partial to large florals instead of mini prints which can sometimes seem too busy. I’m also a big fan of floral prints on black backgrounds. I think it makes them more grown up or mature and less girly. Although I am a femme I prefer black to white or pastel backgrounds and prints.


While I didn’t specifically include mesh on my previously mentioned list of Spring – Summer 2017 trends, I do think it is continuing forward from previous seasons. I like how the mesh in this dress is limited to the shoulder area but Pink Clove has several gorgeous options that mix these two trends.


In terms of the other trends I am dying to get my hands on for spring; ballet slippers that are more literal in design with ribbons in black and pink, classic white leather runners with modern gold details especially when worn with a dress, flowing fabrics and dresses in below the knee and maxi length.


The most must have trendy item of the season is without a doubt, embroidery. This trend won’t stick around and is pricey when it is made with care so get yourself one solid piece and wear it all season long. Normally, I’d say go cheap for something so trendy but cheap embroidery looks cheap and therefore you often get what you pay for.

Spring Trends

The gorgeous and on trend mesh and floral dress in this blog post was provided to me by Pink Clove UK and the photos were taken by my fabulous girlfriend, Kelly B.

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