The 5 Styles Of Selfies

As the creator of #SelfiesForSelfLove, I certainly have my own love for selfies. In fact, I’ve gone through several styles of selfies taking. From handheld camera selfies in the mirror all the way to using a tripod and a timer. So I decided to have some fun exploring the various forms of self-portraits in this blog post featuring a dress from Pink Clove UK.

Ever since we first got digital cameras and flip phones many of us have been taking mirror selfies to document our outfits. Sometimes we even tried to pose in front of the camera hoping for the best behind the lens but having no idea how each photo would turn out. We often cropped off our heads or cropped out our friends.

Then we were gifted with iPhones featuring front-facing cameras, sometime around then Instagram was also created and our collective selfie game got strong. We could hold our own front-facing cameras and still see how the photo would turn out, maximizing our ability to pose as we truly wanted.

Some time passes and we get bored of that upper body and face only style photo and we want to see both of our hands for once. So we propped up our iPads or sat in front of our MacBooks and took pictures laying on our beds, like amateur boudoir photographers. It wasn’t perfect but it looked more like a photo than a traditional selfie.

There comes a time when you need to take a full body selfie and you realize that none of the above options really work. Well, they work but as a selfie not a semi-professional photo for a blog. So you get a tripod and a smartphone adapter for it and you seriously step up your selfie game, making a blog feasible.


The final stage of selfie taking isn’t really about selfies at all. It’s about realizing that the best blogs clearly have a professional photographer on staff or a blog husband behind the scenes acting as one. Yep, the final stage of selfie-taking is admitting you need a photographer and asking a loved one for help. Thanks for the help babe!

The gorgeous and on trend floral dress in this blog post was provided to me by Pink Clove UK and the photos were taken by my fabulous girlfriend, Kelly B.

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