3 Ways to Learn To Love Your Body Rolls

Learning to love your body is not always easy. In fact, some body parts are harder to love than others. I’m sure that’s a feeling you can relate to. It might be easy to love our full breasts and shapely legs but is it as easy to love our cellulite and body rolls? For so many of us, the answer is no. We learn to love our shape and size but we’d prefer if we could change one or two small details. I’ve seen some of the most inspiring body love gurus post similar comments so I know this is true. So how do we take it further? How do we learn to love the parts of ourselves that society has taught us to hate the most?

I think it takes lots of a reflection, hard work, and a total shift in our way of thinking. Let’s start with reflection. I think it is really important that we think about the real reason we hate the body parts we are struggling to embrace. Do we truly hate them or have we simply been taught to hate them by a society trying to sell us beauty products? Do we really wish that we didn’t have body rolls or do we just wish that it was seen as normal to have them? I know for me, it’s the latter. I don’t want to change my body, I just want to change the way society responds to it. Consider the way you feel about your body now that you understand how your dislike of it is connected to capitalism and consumerism.

Next up is a full shift in thinking. Realize that while society has taught us to hate cellulite, almost everyone has it. Consider that while society teaches us that stretch marks are ugly they are actually a sign of our skin’s amazing ability to stretch as we grow. Like natural tattoos, these marks can help us remember parts of our life journey if we simply pay attention. Do your breast stretch marks bring up memories of high school crushes? Do the ones on your thighs remind you of your love of figure skating? Start to adjust your thinking whenever a negative thought about your body comes into your head. Don’t judge it, just acknowledge that given the society we grow up in, that thought is normal, but then do your best to flip it around to a positive.

Now comes the hard work. This is about trying and doing things that will help you to see your body in a new light. This is the step when you start wearing things you have been afraid to wear, like bikinis and bodycon dresses. Maybe you are already wearing bikinis but only with a coverup or you are wearing bodycon dresses but only with shapewear? Now is the time to go without. Take a chance and skip the coverup and shapewear. Feel how freeing it is to just live your life without these restrictions. Pay close attention to all of the living you get done when you are no longer busy worrying about how you look doing it. Take selfies and group photos as often as possible and embrace all of your beautiful angles.

Body Positive

The gorgeous and on trend mesh and floral dress in this blog post was provided to me by Pink Clove UK and the photos were taken by my fabulous girlfriend, Kelly B.

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