Pre-Launch Sneak Peek: Loralette

I am so excited to bring you an exclusive sneak peek at the brand Loralette before it has even launched! I’ve partnered with them to bring you a behind the scenes look at what they will be offering. Loralette is the newest collection from Avenue, the third largest plus-size retailer in the USA, that also ships to Canada, yay! Their new styles are meant to appeal to a younger or at least trendier shopper. Because really, what is age but a number? So I believe that you should wear what you love no matter what that number is. I honestly haven’t been this excited about a new brand in a very long time and that’s exactly why I agreed to show you a sneak peek of what they will have to offer as of mid-March.

Loralette is a youthful plus size brand for the fashion focused and digitally savvy consumer that enjoys shopping online. If you are curvy and confident, you are going to love what they have to offer. From bodysuits to deconstructed denim to frilly dresses like this one I’m in love with, they literally have it all. I am wearing a size 1X, my normal size, and the dress fits perfectly. Loralette will be carrying US sizes 14-24 to start. I said to a friend that “it makes me feel beautiful, work appropriate, and yet totally comfortable”. I’m betting you see me in this dress constantly once the weather officially recognizes that it is spring. Until then, bookmark Loralette’s website because they plan to launch next week!

Loralette’s tagline is “let me be me”. They ask us all to fill in the blank with our own perspective but gave us a few examples first. “Let me be confident in my skin. Let me embrace my curves and find every single one sexy. Let me be fearless and fun and let my style show all of these things… and more.” So I said, let me be a passionate feminist, let me be an empowered survivor, and let me be a queer femme. Please tell me in the comments, what is your version of “Let me be….”? I’m serious, I want to know! ❤ And then don’t be shy about sharing with Loralette on social media, you can find them on Instagram and Twitter via @loraletteplus or by using their hashtag #letmebeme.


Loralette has provided me with this dress as a part of our collaboration agreement. However, you can trust that this is my honest opinion because I absolutely love this dress!


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